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sg1 poke

personal or not personal

Is a live journal for "personal" entries of an impersonal kind--or a diary of inner thoughts. hmmm. I've rethought this comundrum and decided to leave this lj for surface rants and keep my emotions in their place. Much easier to sleep at night knowing I haven't accidentally hurt someone's feelings.


Okay...who said you hurt anyone's feelings? This is a diary, albeit one that is public, but still a diary. So feel free to say what is on your mind girl.

Public or private?

hmmm... difficult decision. How public do you want your inner self to be? Personally, I don't use names typically if I'm bitching about someone. Of course, those folks are not likely to come here anyway. But I am aware that this is a semi-public space.

And that didn't help at all, did it?

Maybe just consider that other people will read it? Kind of like talking in a roomful of people?