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sg1 poke

Strange moods

I am in a strange mood--neither happy nor sad, just sort of angry at life. I don't know why. Nothing seems to make me feel good--not a new computer, not the kids succeeding, not me succeeding. I've been in the funk for weeks and I don't know how to remove it.

Got a small teaching assignment yesterday--jeesh. Netscape has my company over a barrell and they in turn have decided that they should pay their teachers on a sliding scale based on the number of people who respond on the bulliten board. Now they have figured that 10% of the students respond, so they start the training payments at $100 for 6 weeks of classes if you have 50-100 students, $150 for 101-350 students, and you need a whopping 1000 students to be paid the old fee of $350 for 6 weeks work. Teachers yelled out that although maybe 10% of the students respond; those who do respond do so multiple times and the teacher has to respond back just as much. Our logic didn't matter, and the pay scale stands. So, because Netscape switched from free classes to fee classes for the same class, of course they are getting fewer students--would you pay for something that used to be free? This sucks.

I am cooking at the synagogue today--which is fun. then I'm proably going over to upload my client's files to the server. So it is a full day. Mom's still gone, which also makes for peace in the family.

And thus, I shouldn't feel so downhearted. but I do.


Oh dear :( Pretty much on all counts, really. Repeating "It's all good, all the time" ad infinitum helps sometimes, if only because finally stopping makes you feel better ...