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sg1 poke

Harvey Story snippet and other things

I'm feeling creative.. so here's a snippet of my Harvey story. Be kind, ok.

John Crichton screamed curses at the world, the universe, and most especially at Scorpius as he felt the bomb gouge his hip deeply and his face jam the flooring of the Scarren base. The moments were ticking away as each dead-man switch registered his sweat, anxiety, anger, and fear.

"Calm, John, calm," whispered Scorpius as he leaned harder on Crichton's back and pressed his neck into the floor. "Trust me you do NOT want to use Lo'la. Escape is a lost cause. Trust me, we need to stay on Katratzi. Your job is not finished here. Only I can lead you off."

"Trust you! Trust you! You damn freak. Get the frell off me! I will detonate this bomb and take you and your slimy trust with me if you don't get off me." John's face was red and mottled as he struggled to rise, to no avail. He was no match against the half-breed's superior strength.

"John, trust him as he knows better than you. He KNOWS you better than you do. I've made sure of that. You need to calm yourself as you are in good hands." Harvey stood in front of the red T-bird with his hands planted in front of his dark suited self cupped together in the famous All-State advertisement.

John blinked and in his head screamed, "Harvey! Turn off the frelling TV. I do not have time for your idiotic comments. What do you know of this? What have you done?"

"Scorpius knows everything you do, John. I told you this before. I am Harvey 2.0 and my loyalty is totally to Scorpius. I will tell you nothing."

Before John could continue his interior arguments, he felt himself dragged to his knees by a new pressure on his neck. Akhnah's hot breath burned his ear as her claws dug deeply causing blood to trickle down inside his leathers and t-shirt. "Were you thinking of leaving without permission, Commander?"

John looked sideways at his new oppressor and growled, "It's the lady with the hat. Minnie-Pearl, I presume you have a reason to turn my neck into sushi. We were simply going over to visit my good friend Mata-Hari on the Carrier and didn't want to disturb your beauty sleep, not that it would help. Now, get the frell off me, lady!"

"Easy John, don't anger her. Let Scorpius handle this. Scorpius knows what to do. Trust him."

Akhnah nodded her head at the attending soldier Scarrens who released Aeryn by throwing her across the room, with John soon joining her on the floor. Scorpius still stood calmly in place, contained by two large Scarren handlers. "I will get to the bottom of this conspiracy, never fear Crichton. For now, your compatriots are in my custody as insurance of your cooperation. Scorpius is mine. You may not leave this base."

John looked up at the miniature Scarren security chief and then down at his prone lover. "Aeryn, you ok?"

"Fine, John."

John whispered in her ear, "We are up shit creek here, babe. I have no clue what to do. I've got ghosts in my brain, ghouls on the ground. We need some sort of diversion here, think you're up for it?"

"Crichton, you are the deficient human I always took you for," Aeryn stated loudly as he blinked twice at him. "I always know that your plans always fail." Aeryn pushed Crichton's arms brutally off her shoulder twisting the astronaut's body sharply and sending him flying into the Scarren body guards like a bowling ball into pins. John kicked his legs high as he hit the soldiers, doing very little damage, but thus avoiding any harm. Aeryn meanwhile rose to her feet and jammed her elbow into Akhnah's neck, knowing it was a soft spot in the Scarren body. Akhnah gasped and backed up in shock at the sudden attack. Together, John and Aeryn ran seeking a hiding place deep Katratrzi.


Oooh..goody...goody! *g*
What can I say other than WOW! You gotta continue this. This is so exciting. :D

Fly safe,