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sg1 poke

Another drabble time

I had a thought while watching LGAM part 3 today... It results in a drabble that might grow. Edited at 7:40 p.m. EST to make more sense.

Aeryn, D'Argo, and Bakesh stormed the room where Rolf said Crichton was being held. Eyes teared and bodies dripped from the blast of rainy wind that blew through the shattered windows that lined one wall. The wind howled and shivered and made their passage that much more difficult. Glass cracked beneath their feet as they stalked forward towards the man tied to the metal sphere.


"Aeeerrrryyn!" John screamed into the wind.

Natira placed the neural harness carefully over her head claws and leaned towards Crichton's supine body. "Human, much as I love your blue eyes, I think Scorpius wants you whole, so I will take your advice and see what is inside your puny brain."

"Help yourself, only don't touch anything in there as I sort of like it the way it is. And leave it as you found it, okay."

John grimaced in pain as Natira's palm brushed the controls that allowed her entrance into his mind. He could feel her trapsing inside (his attention flipping along with her journey) to where he lay flat on the pier skewered by Scorpius' ice pick. He was definitely having trouble telling the difference between what was real and what was memorex. He watched as Harvey's feet moved past his body to join Natira at the end of the pier. "Just what I need, two lunatic ghouls dancing on my synapses," he thought crazily.

John suddenly screamed as multiple pulse blasts shattered the carapace that enclosed Natira's body. The spider woman collapsed over the now useless neural system that smoked and flamed softly in the shattered lightning-lit room.

John hung on the metal struts of the sphere, his neck chorded with the stress of his upside-down position. His eyes rolled back in his head as enormous jets of nerve pain shot through his limbs. His arms and legs shuddered with the impact; then nothing.

Lights blinked forlornly on the harness connected to John's forehead.

Aeryn slowly approached the sphere. She was all business. "Bakesh, lock the frelling door and make sure nobody enters. I've got to get John down. D'Argo, help me. I don't think John can get down by himself."

"John, wake up. I need your help. John?" Aeryn called softly.

Aeryn's voice broke through John's consciousness like a sword, cutting the fog and bringing him slowly up from the depths of his darkness. "Aeryn," he rasped, "I can't feel my arms or legs. I can't move! Why can't I move!"

"Steady, John. We've got to get you down from that frelling sphere then we'll figure out what is going on." D'Argo placed his hand on his friend's arm to calm him as Aeryn quickly released the leather bindings that held him in place.

"D'Argo I can't feel anything." John yelled as he began to roll off the struts. D'Argo caught him just in time to prevent his crashing to the floor.

John lay cradled in D'Argo's arms, his legs and arms flapping flacidly as he shook his head back and forth.

"John, John, I'm coming for you. You won't get far from me." the demon whispered in his brain over and over again. "You cannot escape."

D'Argo looked at Aeryn and then back to John where he lay still throwing his head back and forth and periodically rubbing his cheek on his shoulder as if to scratch an itch; these apparently the only portion of his body he had control over.

"D'Argo, he's in my head and he wants me. I have to go."

D'Argo yelled to Aeryn, "We have to get out of here, fast. Grab the control box and harness and come on. I'll take John. Bakesh can earn his keep by taking point. I have a bad feeding that all hezmana is about to break loose."

"D'Argo, leave me here. I must wait for Scorpius. He will get the chip out and fix this spike in my head." John called out above the storm. John rolled his head and neck violently seeking to remove himself from the Luxan's arms.

"Like frell you will!" D'Argo's tongue quickly put and end to that argument as they quicly made their way out of Natira's chambers and back into the dark corridors of the Shadow Depository.



That is all I have to say about that.