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sg1 poke

More drabble

Here's some more... unbeta'd and first draft. Edited for stupid stuff after consulting with Kazbaby1 (much thanks).

Aeryn carried the neural control system and head piece under her left arm as she balanced her pulse rifle in the ready position with her right hand; steadily facing the chaos of explosions, screams, and flames that was all that remained of the elegant moorish-laced corridors of the Shadow Depository. D'Argo followed close behind her with John balanced precariously over his broad shoulder. Bakesh, arm ever ready, followed up the rear. The corridor rang with the trampling feet of Peacekeeper soldiers rallied by Scorpius.

"Do not harm the Human. He must be taken alive." Scorpius' orders slashed through the madness as he strode down the center of the corridor.

D'Argo pointed his Qualta Blade at Scorpius as he dodged the pulse bullets and released a blast in the half-breed's direction. "Shut up, John! Do not make me tongue you again. You know that makes you cranky." D'Argo ducked to make way for the rapid pulses from Bakesh's arm device. The Peacekeepers and Depository soldiers seemed in endless supply. D'Argo called out to Aeryn, "Any word from Stark or Zhaan?"

Aeryn fired several rounds with the rifle at her waist before responding to D'Argo's question. She shook her head vigerously while ending another Peacekeeper's life. "We're frelled here if we can't find a way out. What do you remember of the scematics of this place? Is there a side corridor or hidden passageway near here?"

"Try hailing Stark to see if you can jog his memory in your own inimitable fashion."

Aeryn filled the corridor with continuous fire, covering for D'Argo. She looked up at his angry, exhalation. "No luck, I take it?"

D'Argo shook his tankas in frustration while he hoisted the still unconscious human higher on his shoulder. "That fekik Banik wouldn't know his face from his mivonks. He doesn't recall anything. He just keeps repeating the same thing over and over. Zhaan is with him and not even she can get him to stop repeating John's name and dead, dead, dead."

Aeryn shrugged as she continued spraying the corridor. "Look behind you! Frell, we're surrounded."

Aeryn called out to Talyn in desperation, "Crais, we need your help. If you have any loyalty in you, you'll respond. There is little time and John has been injured. Will you help?"

"I am here, Aeryn. Talyn wants to help."

"Good, then." Aeryn shouted, "You must give us 90 microts to get out of the Depository, then I want you to bring down the building. Can you do that?"

"Acknowledged, Crais out."

Aeryn tapped D'Argo on his free shoulder and jerked her rifle towards the hole she had just blasted into the wall. She then called to Bakesh to follow as she lead the way through the passage and out to the adjoining hallway she now remembered seeing on the schematics.

Bakesh screamed as he was brutally slammed against the wall. His carefully layered "priestly" robes were torn apart by the pulse blast to his shoulder. "Tell Crichton thank you for letting me go out as a warrior. I'll leave word for him on the other side. Leave me here. I'll cover for you." Aeryn and D'Argo nodded sadly as they ducked into the opening. D'Argo had his hands full as he made his way rapidly following Aeryn. He tightened his grip on the now awakening human.

"John, come to me, John. There is no escape." The insidious words echoed in John's mind over and over again, blocking out the noise of the battle raging around him. John was not aware of being carried. He was not aware of the battle going on around him. In fact, he was not aware of much more than the incessant needling voice in his head that threatened and cajolled him to return. He looked up from his upside down position and tried to move his arms and legs, to no avail.

John stirred sluggishly on D'Argo's shoulders as blood from his nose dripped down the Luxan's back. "D'Argo," he whispered, "D'Argo, I-I must go to Scorpius. Help me. I can't fight this." And still the voice did not stop baggering him. John slammed his head repeatedly on D'Argo's back and screamed to blot out the messages streaming through his consciousness. "Trapped, trapped in my body with no freedom in sight," he dazedly thought. D'Argo soldiered on, ignoring his friend because he had no answer to John's compulsion.

Miraculously, everyone made it in one piece to the transport pod with mere microts to spare. Stark and Zhaan gently handed down the now hysterical human from D'Argo's shoulders as Rolf strapped himself in. Aeryn placed herself in the pilot's seat, sparing only a glance at her stricken friend as he lay on the floor of the pod held in place by Zhaan and Stark.

"Where's the Sheeang?" she called as she began a truncated flight check.

"Dead," Zhaan stated sadly.

"Then we're all accounted for? Let's get the frell off this rock before Crais does his business."

As the transport pod rapidly accelerated off of the Depository's landing pad, the crew caught a glimpse of the red body of Talyn as he gracefully swooped in for the kill. Aeryn frowned and stared intently as the forward view port silently urging Moya to appear more quickly as she heard John's soft exclamation, "Kill me, somebody."