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sg1 poke

Feeling creative

I have had another snippet swirling around my brain, so without much adieu, here's Snippet 3.

Ever notice how many blotches, spider-web cracks, nail pops, bumps, prickles, and rough spots a ceiling has when you have to stare at it day after day? Ever notice how the gentle hums and background noises grow into monstrous cacophony and then die down into silence so frozen that you swear you could hear your blood circulate? Here I lie, day after day trying mightily not to get on anybody's nerves. My eyes ache and tear and I can't wipe away the sandy feeling. I can't scratch the itch on my collar bone where the pillow rests. There is a gnawing pain at the back of my head that grows deeper and larger every frelling day. And the voice doesn't stop its yammering…the incessant whispering that he's coming for me…that he's got me and I just don't know it yet. And the ceiling just gets higher and more splotchy with every passing microt that I have to stare at it.

Chiana heard John sigh once again as she leaned over to wipe the tears running down his face. "What's it now, old man? More frelling voices?"

John turned his head and glanced at his Nebari companion, blinked his eyes, and said nothing. There really was nothing he could say that would make his friend feel better about his situation. Each and every member of Moya's crew had been doing their utmost to make John comfortable while they sought a solution to his double problem. He could think of only one plan, and he had no way to carry it out. He sighed again.

Chiana rubbed the ointment Zhaan had made on John's lips and pushed a straw into his mouth. "You have to drink and eat no matter what you want, John."

Again, he said nothing in reply, but he did drink. Chiana smiled at the small success, but then frowned when she realized how very small a success it was.

Aeryn strode purposely into Zhaan's medical bay where D'Argo and Zhaan were pouring over the circuitry of the neural control system with the help of two DRDs. "Any luck figuring out how to re-start that thing?" she asked.

"There seems to be some sort of electronic connection between the device and the chip in John's head. Even now it continues to emit signals that are frelliing with John's ability to control his body. There seems to be no way to shut it off short of permanently disabling John." Zhaan looked up from the blinking microcircuits as she continued her explanation of what she had found. "I think someone has to use the harness and disconnect the signal from within John's mind."

"That sounds like a Moya plan if I ever heard one…frelled up before it even begins. How the hezmana can a signal be disconnected inside a mind?" D'Argo was getting dizzy just thinking of the concept. He shook his tankas in frustration at the thought of such an expedition.

Zhaan looked at her companions and nodded her head thoughtfully. "John has been through Unity with me. He understands how people can share minds and souls. I think that is how the Scorpius clone is managing to torture him. John is sensitive to internal impulses. I honestly don't know how long he is going to hold out before he goes mad. He barely sleeps; we have to force him to eat; and I know that that frelling clone is tormenting him with threats and pain. I can see it on his face. We have to do this soon."

Aeryn looked at D'Argo and Zhaan. She swallowed and stood straighter. She wished that she could compartmentalize her feelings for John so that she could approach Zhaan's news like a dispassionate soldier. She needed to be strong because D'Argo wasn't going to relinquish the impulse to volunteer without a strong argument. She just knew she had to be the one to fight Scorpius in John's mind and thus rescue her new found love. It was the least she could do. She had failed him at the Depository.

"I failed him at the Depository. I am dishonored that I did not kill Crichton when he requested my help," D'Argo stated quietly. "I must be the one to battle Scorpius and rescue John."

Aeryn looked up at the Luxan, her eyes wide in reaction to his statement of what she had just been thinking. "No, D'Argo, you are not alone in your feelings of failure. We all acted too slowly. But put that aside and think clearly. John trusts you with his life, but your tendency to anger and overreact could kill him. Scorpius is devious, treacherous, and most of all a Peacekeeper. It will take another Peacekeeper to conquer him and destroy the chip. I have to be the one to make the journey."

"Aeryn, I know that you feel that you are the best person for the job, but I owe John this effort. I doubted him and then almost betrayed him to get Jothee back. I need to do this thing."

"No!" Zhaan stated firmly. Neither of you is fit to perform the delicate task of destroying the clone and freeing John. Neither of you has performed any mind work. Both of you are too fierce for this work…like rhenocoids trampling down a forest. You wil stand guard while I use the harness. And that is the last word."

Aeryn and D'Argo stood staring at Zhaan, their mouths open. There was nothing more to do but tell John the plan.

Chiana looked up from her seat next to John's bed as Zhaan, D'Argo, and Aeryn entered his quarters carrying the neural control system and the harness they had recovered off of Natira. John looked at his friends and blinked. He cleared his throat and murmured, "What now, more basting and roasting? I feel like a kabob as it is." He turned his head away.

"John, look at us, please. We think we have a way to release you from that frelling chip and the paralysis," Zhaan stated.

"Just kill me, that's all I ask. It's all I want." John sighed.

"No, that's not the answer. We've managed to fix this fekkik device to the point where we can use it to go in and release you." Zhaan continued while gently leaning over and taking the human's head in her hands. "You are not going to die, is that clear. You have to fight the darkness a little longer."

John slowly noded his head, tears streaming down his face, "Oh, Blue, it is so hard. He is so loud and I am so tired."

"I know, John, I know. Just hang in there, I'm coming now." Zhaan placed the harness on her forehead, adjusting the prongs until the lights shown on her temples. She next placed a harness on Crichton's forehead, carefully adjusting its prongs until the lights shown yellow, white and red on his temples. She glanced at the controls ensuring that they were set properly and quickly brushed her palm over its surface. John screamed in agony and the world flipped sideways and inside out.