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sg1 poke

More of the same...

Here's more of Part 4 for your reading pleasure. Please let me know your thoughts.

John lay in his invisible coffin, his body numb due to the spike but his head roiling with the energies coalescing around him. "It's not enough that Scorpy fries my brain, now Ming the Merciless over there has to shish-kabob what's left," John thought as he dizzily surveyed the round in front of his nose. The spike burned fiercely where it skewered his neck, its shaft glowing red with the heat of Harvey's pressure. He felt the skin on his back slowly crisping from its intensity. "What'cha doing there, Harvey, you're not gonna get the wormhole tech by killiing me early. My body can't take this much abuse and still function," He called hoping to momentarily distract the chip's avatar so that Zhaan could get a good shot at him.

"No John, by my calculations, you can stand to provide me with more energy before you loose total functions. Never fear, you can't die until I say so. I control your right to live." Harvey flicked his wrist at the prone man, rolling his body in its invisible field into the open grave. "You can rest there where you will be safe while I finish this task."

Dirt poured over John's "coffin" where he lay now on his back with his head turned sharply to the side to make way for the spike. He still could not move even a dentch as the darkness closed in. His words of protest were muffled deep in the now re-filled hole until nothing was left of the site but a mound of newly turned earth.

"John!" Zhaan cried out as she shot another burst of energy at the now triumphant clone.

"Don't worry, Delvian, John Crichton is not dead. He just is resting where he will come to no harm. I have just about finished my research while you were tossing your toys at me. I'll just gather more energy from my host, and send my results to Scorpius. He will be pleased with the data." Harvey closed his eyes once again and tightened his arms by his sides and prepared to transmit his data over a pre-set sub-light communication channel.

Zhaan gathered up all of her remaining energy into one final burst. She knew she had to strike swiftly at the clone's weakest link, his coolant rod. She silently apologized to her human friend and sucked energy from where he lay in his grave, augmenting her own waning forces. She carefully shaped her charge and stretched out her hand.

D'Argo jumped to Zhaan's side as she screamed in anguish and thrashed on the ground. Aeryn and Chiana ran the scanner over her and were shocked by the amount of energy her body was expending. "We have to pull the plug on this experiment, now!" Chiana called, "Zhaan is dying."

Aeryn looked at the Devlian in horror and then glanced at the the bed where John lay, his mouth open in a silent scream; his neck chorded with tension supporting his thrown back head. His eyes stared in abject terror at something unseen. "Chiana, I agree, pull the connection; both John and Zhaan need to come back."

Chiana rushed over to the control table and tugged at the cables linking John and Zhaan. "The cables are fused to the board," she cried.

D'Argo reached behind the Nebari girl and added his strength to her efforts, to no avail. Aeryn, the only way to disconnect them from this frelling board is to destroy it. I don't know what that will do to them. Zhaan may not be able to return and it may kill John. "Pilot, can you kill the power to the board, maybe knock out the connections?"

"Ka D'Argo, the DRDs inform me that the control device is not drawing power from Moya but from Commander Crichton and Zhaan. There is nothing I can do." Pilot's voice rose slightly in his anxiety.

"Then it is up to John and Zhaan to finish this thing," Aeryn stated sadly.

John shook his head in the confines of his coffin in the dark, dank hole where lay, the spike digging deeper in his neck with each movement. He could feel his body weakening, yet couldn't feel anything else. In his total sensory deprivation he imagined the words on his gravestone to read "Here Lies John Crichton, human battery," and giggled crazily. "Ain't this a bitch. Welcome to life in the UTs where death doesn't mean you're dead; just sort of dead. Always thought I'd have lots of people at my funeral. Just 'cause you're paranoid doesn't mean you don't have enemies." John knew he was babbling, but couldn't stop. "The only good thing in all this dren is that it makes me realize something… I really don't want to die. Zhaan's right, I have too much to live for. I. Love, Aeryn. Just hurts so much that I'll be able to tell her," he gasped. Tears streamed down his face as he totally lost it in his tomb.

Zhaan concentrated on the fireball in her outstretched hand and shot it at the half-breed monster. The bomb struck the side of his head where the coolant rod was located. Harvey screamed in rage as the rod burst from its socket. Yellow pus ran down his face as he toppled to the ground. Zhaan ran rapidly to his side and kicked the now angry-red rod away from his unconscious body. She knew that this was only a figment of the chip, but hitting the clone seemingly knocked out the chip temporarily.

Suddenly, Zhaan's acute hearing detected muffled screams to her left. "John!" she cried as she ran to the raw mound of earth that covered his grave. She franticly dug with her hands to free her friend. "Ka'aleen, let him hold on until I can get him free!" Her rapidly moving fingers finally touched the now unconscious man where he lay at the bottom of the hole. When Zhaan's attack caused the Scorpius clone to loose consciousness, the force field surrounding Crichton's body was removed, causing the dirt to collapse around him. Zhaan pulled his body up out of the dirt and gently rolled him on the grass. She could feel no pulse or breath as she leaned towards his face. Zhaan pressed her lips against John's nose and mouth and began to breath. When John did not start breathing, she beat rhythmically on his chest. With a sputter and curse, he coughed up dirt, mucus, and saliva. Zhaan quickly rolled him to his side, where she could hear him panting.

John sighed, and said raspingly, "I take it the witch is dead? Thanks, Zhaan."

Zhaan replied, slightly breathlessly, "John, can you feel your arms or feet?"

John tried to move to no avail. "No. no dice."

Zhaan reached over and without warning him, yanked the spike from his neck where it had remained intact throughout his recovery. He screamed in pain and lost consciousness. Zhaan looked sadly on, blinked and disappeared.


Two DRDs backed away from the neural control table where they had finally succeeded in severing the cables that linked the two now unconscious beings. Zhaan slowly opened her eyes and sighed as she rolled over to her side and sat up. "I believe I was successful, but the return journey may have harmed Crichton." She glanced over to the bed where the astronaut lay white-faced and sweating. His eyes were sunk in his face, his limbs without tension. "Let's hope he wakes on his own."

"I'll sit and watch him," Aeryn stated quietly.

"Good, I must meditate. I'm afraid that we have not seen the end of this evil." Zhaan rose shakily and with the help of D'Argo's arm slowly left the room.

Chiana rocked on her heels with uncertainty. "A-Aeryn, do you think Crichton will recover? What do you think just happened here?" Aeryn shook her head and said nothing. Chiana looked once more at her friends, and silently also left.

"Oh, John, what are we going to do? I sit here and finally realize that you are my world. You make me feel whole. With your frellingly queer erp-isms, your amazing tenacity, your hopefulness, and your strength. I love you. Please come back." Aeryn lowered her head to touch John's forehead where she felt two small puffs of air from his blinking lashes. John sighed and raised his hand to brush a strand of hair away from her chin. He then looked at his hand and grinned.

Aeryn smiled in response, tears threatening to spill from her eyes. John coughed and said shakily, "I think I'm back in Kansas, Auntie Em."


John sat in the Center Chamber slowly eating from a plate of food cubes. This was the first time in a week that his friends had let him up from his Quarters and he was relishing the freedom. He felt tired and drained. Periodically he swiped at his head as that voice murmured in his ear that Scorpius was on his way. He shook his head angrily and murmured, "Get out of my head, you freak. Zhaan did you in. You're history. Go away. Go haunt somebody else's grave."

Aeryn, D'Argo, and Chiana stood silently at the doorway watching sadly as John continued his protests.


Excellent writing as usual. :D I love it. ;D

Fly safe,
Nice tomb imagery. Very creepy.