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sg1 poke

It's Cathy's fault!

Well, I read cathy1967's e-mode IQ test results and thought, well, we're psychic twin sisters so I'll take it too. Here's the results:

Your IQ score is 131

This number is the result of a formula based on how many questions you answered correctly on Emode's Ultimate IQ test. Your IQ score is scientifically accurate; to read more about the science behind our IQ test, click here.

During the test, you answered four different types of questions — mathematical, visual-spatial, linguistic and logical. We analyzed how you did on those questions, which reveals the way your brain uniquely works.

We also compared your answers with others who have taken the test, and according to the sorts of questions you got correct, we can tell your Intellectual Type is anInsightful Linguist.

This means you are highly intelligent and have the natural fluency of a writer and the visual and spatial strengths of an artist. Those skills contribute to your creative and expressive mind. And that's just some of what we know about you from your test results.

That's interesting because when I was 4 my parents had me take an IQ test because my teachers said I was stupid (I have a moderate hearing loss and couldn't spell). It came out very similarly.


so, Cathy and I are psychic twins.