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sg1 poke

Life sucks

Well, I had the sonogram and the mammogram and life is never easy--looks like it is malignant. The next step is a needle biopsy to confirm the diagnosis. Luckily, no lymph nodes are affected, but I do have some general surgery in my future. I have to remain opptomistic because my OB/GYN said that radiologist can't tell for sure if a tumor is cancerous because only a biopsy can tell. So, I will still hope, but I have a terrible feeling...


Oh honey, I'm so sorry. Good luck with everything. Our thoughts will be with you.
(((ixchup))) Best thoughts heading your way.
Oh honey, you have the good thoughts and prayers heading your way. I know your jewish, so I hope you don't mind that I asked my mom to put you on her church prayer list. *hugs and fingers crossed*
(((ixchup))) It must be so terribly frightening. But do keep hope, or let us keep it for you---there are several ladies at my school who have been through this, and all have fully recovered. And my very close teaching partner had the same result you did---but the needle biopsy proved the other tests wrong.

Let us know if there is anything else we can do---the good vibes and prayers are a given.

Thanks from my heart

I really really appreciate all the kind thoughts--this lj business is very heartening because I can vent anxiety and I get hugs. *g* I am trying mightily to be upbeat and open minded--but my female intuition sees badness. sigh. I have been reading up and things look ok in terms of future--I just hate putting my family though the dren to come (if things are bad).

On the other hand, I made it through the SLUMBERPARTY THAT WOULDN'T END--10 10 year olds sleeping over for my daughter's 10th birthday. Screaming contests not withstanding, the girls had fun. I am totally exhausted between the stress and the noise. lol

Re: Thanks from my heart

Prepare for the female intuition AND go in with a positive attitude. In part, the preparation helps wtih the positive attitude, knowing that you've prepared. Healthcare is always changing (and usually improving). My mom's still alive after finding a lump in 1975. I've had a fair number of colleagues go through surgeries/chemo/radiation - and they are all still with us. My thoughts are with you - you will come through this!
I am a newbie here and signed up so I could send best wishes to you.
I was the not so happy bioposy patient myself once.
I was lucky it was benign, but the experience was, and is a sobering one.
I hope that your experience is all over as quickly as mine was.

I have lurked here for months now, I wanted to say thanks for some amazing fics.
And the stellar recomendations.
Please keep your hopes up.