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sg1 poke

Our visions of John

When I watch scenes of John with Aeryn it is the inarticulateness (is that a word?) of John that always strikes me. Yes, he talks about a lot of "things" but when he is with Aeryn he can't express his thoughts and needs very well. Look at him at the end of Season 2. He mumbles into his knees or just looks at her. The two of them can't talk at all, ever. Physically they are fiercely attracted, but verbally they are always at a loss.

No one seems to write John as inarticulate about his feelings. Yet, Ben Browder has said repeatedly that John is constitutionally unable to speak about himself and keeps his thoughts bottled up--he can talk surface but not deep.

A real guy. Aeryn ties him up in knots.

What do you think?


Y'know, I think you may be on to something here ;-)

I hadn't really considered it until now...and that may be part of the problem. A large majority of Scape fic writers are women, so maybe we write what we want to hear, not what a man like John Crichton would actually be able to articulate.

Must ponder this...
I read a lot of fan fic and this just sticks out a lot. The best fic I've read has john as a sarcastic guy who can't seem to get his thoughts into words when Aeryn is involved. he can talk to Chiana because she's like his little sister. D'Argo is his best pal, and he does share slightly, but mostly listens and helps D'Argo. Again, he has a difficult time expressing his own feelings. I see it also with the constant pillow holding in episodes--such as Terra Firma with his dad. All he gets is annoyed and silent. Look at him with Olivia--again he has trouble expressing his longing and distance. Olivia has to interpret his emotions from his facial expressions. She knows his "tell" but he doesn't.
You can definately see that with John in the show, but not most fics. One that does show this attitude is Return to Sender. Sometimes I forget myself about this part of John's character.
that is a great example. I forgot about that story. Now I have to go read it again to see what you mean. *g*

interesting point

Weird, I never saw Chrighton like this. I am surprised that Ben Browder actually said that he is not able to express himself well... I guess I am also overlooking that part of his personality. I'll have to rewatch everything (*nothing like a good excuse* ;) ). And, of course, I haven't seen season 3 yet.

I always see him as very sensitive, he is so soft and cute in that way, it's amazing. He always knows the right thing to say to everyone. He tries to show the macho side and hide his feelings, true, but I never saw that as who he really is.

However, it's possible that that doesn't extend to expressing his own feelings... I always thought he is holding back because of Aeryn - because he knows he can't push her. Usually, he is the one to start talking about their feelings but she always brushes him off.

OTOH, an example of John not being able to express himself is in LG&M, where he very bluntly tells her "I need to tell you how I feel" - but then that is all he says. So he doesn't get further than realizing he has to tell - unable to breach the subject except bluntly, but in the end can't actually do it.

Well, I don't know. I'll go read "Return to Sender" now. :)

John the inarticulate

Tinny brought up a good point, that John in seasons 1 and 2 was more cuddly and gentle and could be very empathetic. My point is that when it comes to Aeryn, he is really really inarticulate--he can't get his feelings out and speaks mainly by not speaking. The two actor's body language is incredible, and the characters speak to each other mainly in glances and touch.

Also, have you ever seen John explain much about his background other than sudden information we know from his thoughts such as that he had a fiance once named Alex or he misses his father. None of this is explained to the crew, only to the audience through his recordings. He keeps his thoughts and feelings to himself. He is reactive and not expressive--although he constantly evokes feelings from the others. He doesn't share himself much. That is what Ben Browder meant by he was a guy's guy. so he's a sensitive new-age guy (Christine Lavin's words), but still has difficulty talking about himself.