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sg1 poke

Another snippet of Chapter 6

Another snippet as the Chapter continues.


John stood in the Hanger Bay, hands on his hips and an expectant look on his face. He waved an acknowledgement to D’Argo as he stepped up to his right side never turning his head away from the hanger doors. He felt a confusing array of emotions from fear of rejection based on his knowledge of what he himself would have consummated to an intense excitement at seeing Aeryn again. He only hoped that things would work out with this unholy trinity on the ship together. He blew out the breath he hadn’t known he was holding.

“Nice shirt, John. Black is definitely your color,” D’Argo said to cut the silence that lay heavy between the two men. “I’m glad to see you took my suggestion. John, seriously, just relax. It’ll be what it’ll be. You can’t change anything.”

John glanced at his friend and was about to respond when Pilot’s voice broke through with an announcement of the imminent arrival of Talyn’s transport. John re-tucked his t-shirt into his pants and stood straighter and tried to seem nonchalant as the hanger doors slowly opened.

Aeryn stood at the top of the transport’s steps and looked down at where Crais and Rygel stood greeting their friends. She could see that the news had been conveyed about John’s death by the sudden serious expressions on both D’Argo and Crichton’s faces. Chiana and Jool were nowhere to be seen, which was a curious omission but she supposed they were avoiding the possible awkwardness of meeting the other John and Aeryn together. Well, they would be glad that her John was gone, wouldn’t they so as to avoid the embarrassment of having to choose sides. She steeled her spine and straightened her shoulders and picking up the two duffle bags, headed slowly down the steps. She felt her breathing slow as time stopped at the bottom of the stairs. She glanced at D’Argo and nodded her head in acknowledgement and starred straight ahead to avoid Crichton’s eyes which she felt boring into her forehead.

“Aeryn, long time no see,” he spoke in a seemingly relaxed voice. John felt his innerds tremble as he heard himself say that inane phrase. His mind’s eye was full of images of Aeryn—crying on his arms at the seeming death of Xhalax; laying her forehead on his own, a smudge of dirt left from his touch; smacking her behind as the drexim filled their minds with lust and love; pounding on the wall playing with Rygel as their minds filled with joy at being together; showing his guiding light her star; laying with his throat swollen, reddened face gasping with his final sickness as his dimming vision beheld her tear-filled eyes. He shook himself to clear these invasions while again wondering where these memories came from. The montage felt like it took hours, lingering, yet he realized as he looked back at Aeryn that she had barely moved from in front of him.

Aeryn said nothing and didn’t even glance his way as she made her way past his startled form and out of the Hanger Bay, her back rigid and her gait long. John stood by himself in the same position for a long time after the others had left for their varying destinations.

It had been several solar days of silent stress on Moya during which time no one had seen Aeryn Sun and John Crichton in the same place at the same time. It was clear that Aeryn wanted no part of the Crichton that had been left on Moya. D’Argo was sure that Pilot was sending John on various repair jobs in the nether reaches of the leviathan to allow him to avoid crossing paths with the grieving Sebecean. Aeryn, for her part, spent most of her time with Pilot or by herself performing various repairs to her prowler. Chiana slammed her cup on the table splashing its contents on the copper surface, “Frell! This can’t continue. We’ve got to do something about the tension between those two fekkik aliens,” she yelled in frustration to Jool who sat opposite her nursing her own drink in silence. “Something’s gotta give around here or I’m gonna explode,” she continued, not noticing Jool’s increasingly red hair color.


I read this on kansas but..hey! this one has an extra paragraph! Love this story :)