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sg1 poke

On an Arthurian Legeng Binge

I bought the Merlin DVD over the weekend and Sam Neil has sent me on an Arthurian Legend binge. What a powerful story of mistakes that reverberate over time. Merlin misjudging human nature and trusting meanwhle doing everything to manipulate men to defeat his mother who betrayed him. He blows it repeatedly and then learns to trust his human side. Meanwhile Nimue, being vain, makes a deal with Mab (Merlin's witchy/fairy mother) to betray Merlin in return for her beauty. What a story.

I am going to reread Mary Stewart's trilogy about Merlin as well as Rosemary Sutcliff's Sword At Sunset. I always liked the novels that try to tell the "real" story. Another good one is Parke Godwin's book. There is something about a flawed hero who keeps trying that is really really moving and worth studying. I guess that's why John Crichton is so fascinating.

Where is Kansas when you need it, anyway?


The Sam Neil Merlin is just wonderful. Incredibly long, but wonderful. I never really got into the Athurian myth, but I loved that production. Must get it on DVD at some point, definitely.

Flawed heroes are definitely far more interesting than the do-no-wrong variety, although they have their place. Flawed heroes are about hope, I guess, whereas the non-flawed ones are about aspiration.
Sovrin read Mary Stewart's first novel, Crystal Cave ( Merlin Trilogy. It is a page turner. It'll make you want to go out and visit Tintagel and Bath/Glasconbury Abbey. God I envy you living in Devon.

Flawed heroes do have hope-and the possibility of learning from their mistakes. I keep waiting for the "superman/women" to make a mistake. Twisted, but true.