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sg1 poke

Epilogue as requested

John blew the hatch and jumped from his module the minute it landed on Moya's deck. His heart was beating rapidly as he panted out his anxiety. He had almost totally lost it there in the end, drifting as he was into the maelstrom of negative energy. He remembered his feeling of loneliness and loss and why he made his decision, but it was truly a stupid one on a cosmic scale. Damn, boy, you are one dumb jock. What were you thinking? There is always hope. He was frelling lucky nobody listens to him on this boat. Only Moya's quick catch had saved him and he was grateful. "Pilot!" he called. "Thanks, man. I don't know what got into me there. Please tell Moya I am truly grateful for her Johnny Bench there at the end. I thought I was a goner."

"Commander, I am not quite certain, as usual, what you are saying, but we get the gist and you are most welcome. Aeryn Sun has recently docked and is waiting for you in Maintenance Bay Nine on the hammond side." Pilot smiled to Moya in anticipation of their rendezvous.

Aeryn, what to do about Aeryn. Was she here to stay. Did she really want him or only the ghost of things past. Would he be yesterday, or could he be tomorrow? There was only one way to find out and that was to bite the bullet and meet her head on. He was so frelling tired of this feeling of being second best. He remembered all of their life on Talyn and he knew what she felt, what he felt, what they had together. He and him had experienced it. There was no difference. He had to make her see that.

John approached the hatch to Maintenance Bay Nine, but hesitated before passing his hand over the door control. He took a deep breath and blew it out. He was so damn tired. He felt like he had run three iron man marathons in a row. He needed her. He stepped into the room and faced her where she stood leaning against her Prowler. She looked exactly like he pictured her. Her hair was in slight disarray from its tight regulation queue. Her leather vest was zipped securely and framed her lithe body leaving nothing to the imagination. He sighed and stood still.

Aeryn looked up and saw John where he stood in the entrance. He looked tired. Dark patches circled his blue eyes and his hair was standing up in all directions. He had dirt smudges on his right cheek accenting the small scar that frowned over his eye brow. He looked beautiful to her. She looked down and then up and directly into his eyes. She smiled hesitantly. "Hey," she said.

"Hey, yourself."

"I heard that you finally made a plan go right," Aeryn said with a small smile quirking her face. "Scorpius won't be pursuing wormhole research for quite awhile. I'm proud of you."

"Yeah, mamma Crichton's baby boy did something right," John replied, a small smile gracing his face and up into his eyes.

Aeryn grinned and walked closer to John. She reached out and lightly touched the scar over his eye. She looked at her finger and then back at his face. "John, I was wrong. I…couldn't hear what you wanted to tell me. I thought I had lost the one thing in the world that made me whole. Only, I discovered something. I love John Crichton. It doesn't matter who he is or was or will be. What I mean is… You and he are…"

"Baby, you don't have to say it. I know you needed that time away. I know you were hurting from my death. I'm here now. I love you and I always will."

John blindly grabbed Aeryn with both his hands and sunk his face in her hair. He stroked, kissed, and hugged her closely to him as she responded in kind. Their fierce need to touch and ensure their reality overcame gravity, time, and space. They shuddered and sank down to Moya's deck as their intense emotions overcame them. Each felt finally whole and at home.


Aaaahhhh. Lovely. I enjoyed your look at this au and how it would play out.

Very satisfying.