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sg1 poke

gotta stay outa those quizzillas...

You're the serene one.
You are the peacekeeper and you love all your
friends. You don't like confrontation, and
occasionally let people walk all over you. Your
friends think you are kind and sweet, but maybe
a bit of a pushover. You could afford to let
your emotions show once in a while, but don't
lose you're vision of everyone as equal.

Which type of friend are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Well, again some kid has nailed me... This does describe me to some extent. Although I'm less prone to be stepped on too much any more. Sigh.

On the other hand. I am floored with the kindness of my friends and acquaintances. My girlfriend who's husband is stationed in Germany just sent me roses using Proflowers. My buddies in the Sisterhood of my synagogue bent over backwards to find me a wig place and told me how to order one and made me less embarrassed with my situation. Then I received a gift-certificate for a warm rock massage at a local day spa for my work automating a charity drive we're having. I am grateful for the acknowledgment of the dren that work involved.

Then there are my scaper community with their well wishes and ability to just listen to me drone on about how weird my life has become.

Thank you to everyone.


Mom gets back tonight and the dren begins again. Gotta keep calm and remember that she is hurting and doesn't know how to let me have this cancer. My sister has the right idea--be polite and remember she is a cranky old lady. Then feel better that we have done the right thing. I'm going to have her come with me to get the wig. I am so scared of this--I absolutely hate attention like this and am terribly embarrassed to be causing a fuss. I am such a doofus, I know, but this is how I feel. I can't even ride in a limo without loosing it--I hate attention to myself. I'd much rather be helping someone else and thus ignoring my pain and situation. for real. But, on the other hand, I am NOT looking forward to supporting my mother's anxiety as well as dealing with her relationship (non-relationship?) with my daughter and hubby. The constant complaints are very wearing. Then there is my mom-in-law who is clueless. "Oh, now I remember why you can't go to the concert next friday-you are afraid of immunity problems." Duh.

My life and welcome to it.

Christine Lavin - Good Thing He Can't Read My Mind - Never Go Back


A good kind of peacekeeper, eh?

Hang on to that inner peace, ixchup. It's pretty rare to find.

A friend of ours had breast cancer four years ago. She tried the wig option at first, and then ended up simply going with a crew cut, which she spiked when her hair started growing out again. This was totally in keeping with Sandra's personality. She just turned 50 a few weeks ago and is cancer-free. Point is, go with what feels best for you, and is the most comfortable. YOU are the one dealing with all the dren.

The hardest thing for giving people is to be taken care of. Ix? Let people take care of you for a change. You do deserve it.

I so agree with Scaperred here...

... this is your deal, first and foremost. Don't let others get to you. And let others take care of you now. You come first, because if you don't care care of you, how can you take care of others? Chin up, sis. In the words of Billy Joel: The good old days weren't alwasy good and tomorrow ain't as bad as it seems. :)

You're in my thoughts.

Hugs and kisses