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sg1 poke

I do dream...


?? Which Angel Or Demon Are You ??
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snurched from LithiumDoll. She finds the best quizes.
Stupid stupid me today. Got to outpatient radiology to get a port put in for chemo and they put in the IV and then asked me if I had taken any pills this morning. Well my dentist told me to take Advil round the clock to cure an inflamed jaw--so I had taken Advil. Nope, can't do the port. Sent me home. I managed to get the wig. I have to go back to the hospital at 7 am tomorrow and get the port inserted and then go to chemotherapy. Long long day tomorrow.

What if Crichton was captured by the Scarrens instead of Aeryn. How would aeryn react and without having the clues from the UR would she be able to find out what Katratzi was. Meanwhile, could John withstand Jennick's ministrations and keep the secret of wormholes and earth safe? I think it would be neat to see how Aeryn at that point in her life--having just learned about Scorpy's spying and John's need to keep secrets and paranoia will be able to deal with this blow. Meanwhile, Katoya's training will come in handy for John.

Anybody want to write this for me? hmmm? Kaz?

Peter, Paul & Mary - Such Is Love - Such Is Love