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sg1 poke

My life and welcome to it

Thursday night I was in the middle of IMing cathy1967 when all hell broke out--I started running a high fever; called the oncologist who sent me to the emergency room. After much checking they admitted me to the oncology floor of the hospital to seek to bring my white blood cell count up--it had fallen really low and I couldn't fight the sinus infection I had contracted (I'm prone to those darn things). So, I spent my weekend in the hospital being shot up with nutropin the white blood cell booster that is really yucky--pain going in and pain in the joints and lower back as it is working. Also mucho antibiotics to fight the infection. I feel like a pincushion and weak as a kitten--but I am back to normal again and home.

Kids got really worried and acted up rather badly in the hospital. I was in sort of isolation but that didn't stop my mother-in-law from coming to see me with sniffles. I was so angry at her insensitivity. She called me to tell me she was feeling better because she had taken some Alegra. Sheesh. My mother visits and starts up an argument about something my husband said to her two weeks before and how I should leave my family and spend Passover with her. And I'm supposed to rest and get better. You can tell I'm rather uptight at the moment.

I enjoyed the meme snurched from Cathy. This gives me the willies big time--my mother is a Hollocaust Survivor. But the reason for the results are pretty true.


When your mother pulls that kind of thing, just say "Uh-huh, okay" then let it roll right off. It's easier to just pretend she's imaginary. (works for me, anyway) Heh.

Feel better.