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sg1 poke

A Challenge

Quertiop posted an interesting challenge on Kansas that I think I'm gonna take. I'm just recording it here: "I was recently thinking about Green Eyed Monster... In that episode, Talyn comes very close to killing John. What would have happened if he never opened the door to let him back in?

How would Aeryn react to Talyn and Crais? How would this affect her with the other John? Remember this was before they got close on Talyn, would she withdraw again? Or would she realize John was important to her?

Would Moya John now hear and respond to Jack when he called and lead him to Dam'ba'da? Would he survive?"

Life goes on--hair continues to come off. I feel really bizarre about all this--numb and angry and resigned. Sort of blech.

On the other hand, I'm so psyched about a new job I'm taking on. These wonderful people down in North Carolina have started a company to help health clubs retain customers by sending out interesting newsletters to new members as well as reminder tips to old members who have stopped coming. The whole thing is managed by a Content Management System. I'm to become their staff writer. I've never written this kind of newsletter but then they have so little expertise in Web work and marketing writing. I have never met such people--they understand my illness timing (due to chemo sickness) and are willing and even eager to help me work around it. Gracious to a fault and fun, they are menches. Also my friends from synagogue who networked to find me this work are amazing as well. I have to learn to trust folks and lean on them more. I start this gig next week. It'll keep my mind off all the dren.


Glad to see the wheel's turning...

...and starting to lift you back up with the exciting new work prospect.

Hang tough and remember that Humans ARE Superior! *g*