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sg1 poke

Farscape--the musical

In spite of stupid questions, the chat was great fun--I love the interaction between Claudia and Ben. They love each other platonically and can really snark it up--Ben cries like a big fat girl--a furry one.

I laughed at the idea of Farscape, the Musical at Claudia's house since she snurched all the sets. I forget who wrote Scorpius, the Musical. Write this one--remembering it is done in the back yard with Moya sets and of course the prowler that Claudia toot-toots around in. Gotta have the bare naked Bondi Yeti in there somewhere too.


Er, I'm the culprit who penned Scorpius! The Musical. And I have to say, that backyard scenario of both Claudia and yourself, sounds pretty good, (but I have so much on already). Why don't you have a bash at it? I'd love to read it. *g*

Kixxa, how could I have forgotten that? It was so brilliant. I couldn't match the perfect Broadway sendup of Nerve and Hidden Memory--no, you must write Farscape, the Backyard Musical--remember how Judy Garland and Micky Rooney could "put on a show" to save the something. I visualize John and Aeryn have a "plan"-- to take down Scorpy's Carrier with a show. Prowlers dancing, Naked furry surfers. I know you can write this. I can't cause I'm not funny enough. Please, for me???????????? We'll get FBF to get it into proper format and send it to Ben and Claudia in November--or something. Let's put on a show!
hey, girl! I missed the chat but enjoyed the transcript.

Yes, methinks that the bare-nekkid Bondi Yeti is A Very Good Thing.... *thud*