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sg1 poke

Stargate SG-1 vs. Farscape

Well, it seems that like a lot of Scapers, I've dived into Stargate SG-1. I have Daniel Love, and yet, and yet... much frustrations about that show. Unlike Farscape, SG-1 characters have almost a hands-off relationship with their adventures. There are very few arcs and the characters don't seem to learn from their mistakes. There are exceptions--I like the Daniel/Shar're eps and there are other arcs such as Sam and her Father and new allies, etc. but it all seems kinda sterile. SG-1 goes through a gate--things happen, they come home and get debriefed...yadayada. In Farsacpe, everything has a distinct action/reaction. One of the characters does something and it has rippling affects that last a long time. The emotions are deep and the motivations of the characters are very sophistocated.

I am enjoying the fact that my crazy brother-in-law went on a buying binge and bought all 6 seasons of Stargate and lent them to us. My 13 year old daughter is watching them with me--we both love Daniel (must be my archeology geekiness showing). I like O'Neill too, somewhat. I HATE the theory behind the show -- that aliens used the pyramids as landing pads and that the Egyptian gods are aliens bent on controlling the universe. But, I'll buy it to watch the eps. Just, why is it that nobody seems involved in stuff?

My rant is done.


I want somebody to take on the Andy Hardy Show version of Farscape--John and Aeryn have a plan to destroy Scorpy's Carrier--They'll put on a SHOW. Just think of the music if Ben/John and Claudia/Aeryn put on a Farscape Musical in Claudia's back yard with the sets she snurched. Think of the nekkid Bondi Yeti and the toot tooting prowlers dancing. Come on someone with comedy in their hearts and music on their brains--write this thing.


Went to a meeting for my rising 9th grader to be introduced to the "school within a school" concept she'll be attending next year. Oh my goodness this thing is awsome--pare down the class sizes, use veteran teachers and gear each and every lesson plan to each student's learning modes. Teach note taking and emphasis different learning modalities. Give constant and instant feedback to students and change paths when something isn't working. Now why couldn't they have done this starting at 6th grade when I begged for this type of approach for my ADD child who has major Executive Functioning issues? Why are only 100 students involved and this program only available in one high school in the county? Money.

Luckily, my daughter will hopefully benefit from this program for "average kids in a highly competitve school" and "at-risk kids" program. I hate that terminology for my child who writes fiction, draws amazing anime, learns languages by just listening, and thrives in drama and music. If she is "average" well then, so be it. It looks like there are three teachers out there who really care about these square pegs.


That sounds like a really good program for your daughter! But I gotta admit I'm a little confused. It sounds like the way special ed SHOULD be--the skill building, the emphasis on the student, etc.--and what we're steadily moving away from in California.

Hope the program works well for your child--she sounds neat! I just got my caseload list for next year, and I've got three really bright kids--as in two qualify for GATE. It'll be different dealing with their needs.

The Stargate love--I only had it sporadically, and for the reasons you cited. I could never get involved in it enough to track it down, so I watched it when convenient in syndication--and didn't seem to miss too much of the story.

Stargate is easy to digest

My dad is a huge Stargate fan. Ironically, he is the one who got me addicted to Farscape. He asked me to tape all the marathons for him, and I started watching... But he lost interest when the story started to arch, he prefers simpler stories. Hence, he likes Stargate. I didn't like Farscape until the story got complex (end of Season 1.) Stargate is too bland for me, and I howl with laughter every time they try to FORCE the Carter/O'Neill 'ship. Could two people have any LESS chemistry?? LOL!

Andy Hardy Show version of Farscape - ROTFL!! Love it!

That program sounds great! I hope it helps your daughter, she sounds like a terrific girl! :)
Ah Stargate. Yes that dilema of WTF? that most Farscape fans have when they watch the show. I'll admit to watching SG-1, but I take it as it is. Mindcandy. That's it in my opinion. It's mind candy. The arcs exsist but only in piecemeal. Like the season opener, maybe one or two eps in the middle then the end of the season. The rest are just filler. imo.

So keep that in mind as you watch. Enjoy it for the pretty and the fun and Daniel's growing biceps over the seasons. ;) Oh and Jack get's better as the seasons go on, more fleshed out as a character and stuff.