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sg1 poke

Snurched from Scorpy808

I am so pleased with myself. After fussing all afternoon with this frelling live journal--I too have placed a banner on top of my home page. Thanks Scorpy808 for your great instructions. This was another learning adventure.

I also learned from my sister that McAfee Security software does not play nice with Microsoft things. I have been trying to figure out why I can't get on Cathy1967's wonderful new content-management-based web site as administrator and it all is McAfee's fault. Tonight, I removed that dren and lo and behold I could get right into that thing and see all the editing tools available. Now I can truly help her out.

In other areas of life--I'm feeling aprehensive because tomorrow is another chemo treatment--Numero Quatro out of Six and I hate the idea of feeling awful for the next five or six days. I am hoping that this treatment goes without a hitch just like the last one. Please let it.


Nice banner hon.

And good vibes for you for tomorrow. *hug*
Nice banner! Well, with that pic you can't go wrong. *g*

Fingers crossed for no bad side-effects.

cool banner!

Very nicely done!

Good luck--sending you positive vibes from the west.
Hey Cool!! Glad those instructions are hooking everyone up.

I second the good vibes for you tomorrow!!