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sg1 poke


Kids home from school due to the arrival of Isabel yet nothing but a little wind outside this morning.

I am psyched--I get to beta Cathy's new story. I am so honored. Wait til Kazbaby1 gets a load of her illustration for the story!!! It rocks big time. I begged Cathy to show me and she sent it to me early. Zombie John and Commando Aeryn.

I continue to slowly build up my client base (or hopefuls) for my training business. It is tough waiting for prospects to call me back. I continue my volunteer work, but it is getting old fast.

I went to a training to be a docent for a new Anne Frank exhibit at our local mall. I am really concerned about the watering down of the Holocaust when its story is generalized to such an extent that Anne becomes a symbol of tolerance training rather than a real girl who went through hell and didn't come out the other end. As the daughter of a survivor I am really worried about this phenomenon because it looses track of history to serve presentist arguments. What happened to Anne happened to thousands of others--hidden families, hidden children such as my own relatives. Let's not deny their stories and their suffering but recognize the unique place of the Jewish Holocaust with a capital H and make sure that it never happens again. That is the message I am going to tell when I take children through this exhibit.


Kids home from school due to the arrival of Isabel yet nothing but a little wind outside this morning.
So no wonder why I haven't seen you today. As for the story pic...I already seen it. It bass ass as hell!

I'm glad you're building up your client list, I knew you had it in you hon. You're a smart woman who deserves a break this way.

In regards to the Anne Franke exhibit. I have to tell you, if it wasnt for her story...I never really would have understood what happened during WW2. I dont know how many times I've read the story, and everytime there is a new movie about it, I watch it cause that girl and her family deserve to be remembered. Along with everyone else that went through that hell. My neice Matty saw the last part of the newest movie here while back and now she wants to read the book herself.
slow but sure said the rabbit.

I'm wearing my evil plot bunny shirt today. I feel evil and plot bunnyish

thanks for the support about Anne Frank exhibit. Her diary is worth reading and there is a young person's version of it.