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sg1 poke

This is more me.

I feel more like a Pine Tree. Questions are ambiguous--thought more and retook quizzilla (why am I addicted to these things?).

You are angelic and dreamy. You are the kind of
tree that likes to dream big and live your life
openly, no matter of the criticism. You love
things that a magnificent and quiet. The cold
is your favorite thing because you never change
when faced with a difficult situation or
inquiry. A quick thinker, and a philosopher,
you spend your afternoons trying to solve world
hunger. You love testing yourself to new limits
and being faced with new challenges to
overcome. You aren't much of a risk-taker, and
you always try to do what's right. You fear
being helpless and faced with a situation you
have no control over. You value endurance of
the body and the mind. When you leave this
world, you hope that you can inspire those
after you to do something better for the world,
and be remembered for something great.

What's Your Inner Tree?
brought to you by Quizilla

There are some lovely drabbles on farscapefriday this week. I am amazed what X-Files titles bring out in people. Wonderful reading. Other stories on Kansas are also great--especially Red's, Kixxa's, and Andromeda's. I also like Lobster's take on that silly thread about John's sexual adventures. Happy Mother's Day indeed.