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all I've got

I am so proud of cathy1967  as she has formally announced the opening of her new multi-fandom fanfiction archive site called Cathy's Basement.

It is beautiful and chock full of Cathy's and my stories as well as wallpapers, avatars, song lyrics, and screenshots. We want folks to contact us about uploading their stories to the site. It is managed by a content management system so archiving and retrieving are really elegant. With all those fandom sites dying, this one is set up so well to take their places.

On other notes--yesterday was a disaster--I had to have an infectd PIC line removed and spent 3 hours at the hospital waiting and waiting for the radiologist to see me. He was very flippant about my infection but when I said it had to last for 4 more months he was incredulous--the PIC line was only supposed to last for 1 month (nobody told us about that). I demanded that it come out--it is so painful. And so after another hour and without pain meds, out it came all meter of catheter and 5 sutures. Youch. But I had my first real shower in a month. Are we having fun yet?

I am working on a class I'm teaching with a friend about the Book of Ruth--feminist analysis of the bible story. We're presenting it this Sunday. Should be fun.


ooo ooo it looks awsome! and thanks for posting some of my papers up there too :-)
I'm adding a link to it from my site right now.

hang in there!

Hope you're feeling better now.

The feminist analysis of the book of Ruth sounds like fun! It should lead to some spirited debate.
Sorry to hear about your PICC line. Maybe you could get a PortaCath. It's actually implanted under the skin of your chest and is much less likely to get infected. Plus, since it's under the skin, you could shower. I'm sure it's likely to be uncomfortable going in, but it would probably be better in the long haul.

Hope it all works out.