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this hits close to home

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snurched from Bexxa

so, what's on tap for this week? Deciding whether to get the chevy of breast reconstructions--saline implants or the mercedes--TRAM flap. So what dren do I want? Do I want three operations and the possibility of slippage, leakage, scar tissue causing pain and then in 15 years to do this all over again? Or, under door number two, do I want an 8 hour operation and 7 days in the hospital/8 weeks recovery for the chance of softer and more natural breasts and only two operations? Both doctors offer propaganda that counterdicts each other. I think I have to talk to some women who have had these procedures.

Tonight is L's first performance of Pirates of Penzance. I am so proud of her for jumping into theater. She is exuberant and lovely. Thank goodness for this middle school program as it really brought her through. We'll see what High School offers, but a Jewish Alliance for Teens offers a great workshop next year that she is going to participate in.