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Hey, Lithium, look at this!

My Best Friend is [Bad username: lithiumdoll</a></span> <lj user=]</lj>Our 2 common interests are: farscape, firefly
Who is your best friend?
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I guess nobody is as eclectic as I (or so honest) lol. My psychic sisters only have one interest in common with me. But I feel honored to be such august company.


Saw King Arthur on Friday and was delighted on the one hand--very very exciting and Clive Owen was gorgeous and wonderful. On the other hand--stupid, stupid, stupid premise.

1. Saxons did not come over north of Hadrian's Wall. What was there to sack and rampage up there? They came across the English Channel from Frisia (Holland and Belgium) and settled in Wessex, Kent, Mercia, etc. Southern England.
2. What the heck was a Roman family doing so far north of Hadrian's wall?
3. Germanius was a Bishop who came over to stamp out Pelagian heresy but later (just small quibble).
4. Guinevere was daughter of Leodegrance, a Brigantes king. Merlin was not her father. He was too old.
5. Cross bows? Saxons have cross bows?
6. Sarmatians were sent to Britain  during  earlier  times (300 AD) and settled  after their term in  the military.  They did  not go  home to Russia. Romans cashiered out foreign troops on the land where they served. Sarmatians lived too far away to constantly be sent to Britain. Makes no sense.

but it was a really pretty movie.


According to a meme I did a few days ago, you're going to kill me o_0 Some best friend! *lol*

to Meme or not to meme

Lithium, I couldn't hate you--we're best friends remember? Seriously, there are so many joint interests here that I truly am always amazed at how close electronic buddies can be. The pond is so narrow.