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sg1 poke


Snurched from scaperred is a very interesting exercise.

The Musketeer
Category IV - The

You have a small, highly edited social group, and
you like it that way.

What Type of Social Entity are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

This got me thinking. The questions are from a generation or lifestyle that I don't live. I am a married, set in my ways suburbanite with delusions that I still am sophisticated enough to like theater, new music, and new things. Yet, I don't get to go much because of children and I guess fear of new things. Sounds contradictory--you bet. So, I have given parties, but being freelance I don't have office mates. I never went to bars or had a club type of social life even when I was single 23 years ago. Life is very very quiet--talking to a select group of friends, hubby, and basically online. How sad. Yet comfortable.

I got a call from a dear friend who is currently living in Germany with her Army husband. She was in the States visiting her mom. She reminds me that we each make our lives and do not have to compare our choices to those around us. If we are happy, then our lives are the right ones. My mother is constantly itching at me to see avant guarde movies and plays, to get out and do stuff. But, I am basically a "meat and potatoes" kinda gal--musicals, comfort food type movies, and such. Although I really really want to see the Blind Samurai movie. *g* What I am trying to formulate here is that although from the outside looking in my life is really boring--it is my life. I keep gravitating towards certain things--yes museums, culture, history entrances me and there are few people who are willing to be intellectual with me. But in general, my quiet life is my own.

I guess therapy that I am going through to feel comfortable in my own skin is paying off. Now, if I could get rid of my fears, I could really fly.


The questions are from a generation or lifestyle that I don't live.

I had much the same reaction.

In real life, I tend to socialize with family more than anyone else. My "friends" these days are mostly online, as is our interaction.

So I just took a shot at picking the closest answer, and let it rip.

I suspect that we aren't the only ones who fit this pattern.

Bexxa, you hit the nail on the head. I suspect we aren't the only ones and give you a hug back. Socializing is a comfort thing--family, close friends and heartfelt talk means much more to me these days than parties with folks I don't know where I have to pretend interest in things that don't interest me and hid the things that do interest me. Let's be ourselves!!!
And online socialization means less spillage on the carpets, and less general clean-up required!

And they won't notice all the stuff stashed in the bathtub behind the shower curtain after a mad-dash make-the-house-look-presentable! blitz. :)

Same boat here!

Seems I'm a musketeer as well. I'd have to agree with most everything you both have already said. (That and the fact that I'm too tired to even try formulating my own thoughts right now.) Yours both seemed to hit it right on the head though. :)

I'm very honored to be a part of my 'highly edited social group' though. Wouldn't change it for the world. :)