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sg1 poke

This is just plain bizarre

Life sucks today big time. I have been trying to set up all the doctors talking to each other to get ready for my surgery on the 16th. I have an infected or oozing or something incision on my right chest from a medi-port that was removed last April. I saw my oncologist today and she said it definitely didn't look good (something left in there when it was removed and that the plastic surgeon should look at it). Well, I called plastic surgeon and his nurse said that he wouldn't touch it because it was put in and taken out by the radiologists and he wouldn't step on their toes BUT it does need to be looked at because there will be no mastectomy on the 16th and reconstruction without checking this sucker out.

So, I called my oncologist (my dear dear rescue lady) and she said dr. plastic surgeon, whom she knows, is a jerk and will not change his mind no matter if she calls him. so she suggested I call my breast surgeon. I call the breast surgeon and her nurse tells me that the breast surgeon is a specialist and doesn't do mediports or general surgery. I said, well (and I told the nurse the whole tale about how nobody wants to own this thing and I'm in the middle hurting and oozing and crying by this time). Luckily, the breast surgeon is also a good lady and jumps on the phone and says she'll see me tomorrow at the hospital and look at this thing and do something about it.

Now, I am in tatters because of being jerked around. This is modern medicine isn't it. Nobody wants a patient just a thing to pass around between people. Luckily I have been befriended by two wonderful women doctors and will depend on them. But fie on nurses who protect the doctors.

nuf said.

I did snurch this from scaperred and said, huh?

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Scaper, I have a similar turn to mush thing -- I'm feeling down in the dumps about loosing all my female parts one after another and hubby of 22 going on 23 years and together 24 years looks at me and says he can always find the female in me no matter what. Awwww. Made my day. I think I'll keep him.


I actually know exactly what you're going through. My mother in law is going through the same type of "run around" now (she had a hysterectomy). I'm actually thoroughly disgusted with the way "modern" western medicine is run.

Hang in there!

That just sucks, about the unwillingness of medical professionals to step over their own lines of demarcation to actually, you know, help someone who needs their services.

Hubby, though, sounds like a definite keeper. :)

Sending good thoughts your way.
Aw babe! ((((Rita)))) Sorry to hear about that.

And you do a good catch in D.
thanks guys. I'll get through this--one step at a time. But gahhh I hates this I does.
The medical system is full of self-centered jackasses. I'm so sorry you're stuck in the cogs.

But, the husband does sound like a keeper.