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sg1 poke

this is a neat quiz

Snurched from unwritten_words for the fun of it.

Bluerider! Like C'gan and M'barak, you would ride
a blue dragon, the smallest of the males.
Although you are often overlooked, your warm,
open personality makes you a treasure to your
friends and the weyr. You are also a dedicated
and strong fighter, and not afraid to risk
everything for what you believe in.

A Pern Quiz: What Color Dragon Would You Ride?
brought to you by Quizilla

My daughter has to take this quiz. She is in absolute love with dragons. *g*


The nicest thing just happened. I have a new friend who is a humor writer and I built her a website and blog to advertise her writing (she is seeking syndication) (check it out at L.K. Friedman — Humorist. It is a very simple thing and I'm not so happy with the outcome (stupid Homestead won't let Macs play or even log into the site) and I'll be rebuilding it soon, but she was so grateful she spread the word to her writing friends who haven't a clue how to use the web and I think I'll be getting really work soon. Makes me feel more accomplished.

She also directed me to a specialty store that caters to women who are going through breast reconstruction. I called and the woman couldn't have been more sweet and supportive. I have a place to go now to get fitted and slightly pampered.

My mother is at it again--picking on my hubby and pushing me to get active this last 5 days without kids around (I'm seeing girlfriends and such but hubby is home and busy). I'm not in the mood to go running around. She can't see how my blahs make everything seem grey. I have to do what I have to do. It is our anniversary on Sunday -- 22 years. I can't believe that I've spent half my life with this man and I still am learning things about him and us.

Don McLean - American Pie - Till Tomorrow