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sg1 poke

I was a lost soul

Snurched from thehallway and pondering:

Take the What High School
Stereotype Are You?

You know, those questions didn't cover the literary geeks--we weren't goths, per se. We were intellectual snobs. I wonder if that stereotype just doesn't exist any more. I was art editor of our literary magazine. I was trying desperately to fit into those slumping, scarf-wearing ARTISTES and failing miserably because inside I thought they were very funny and self-involved. Since we didn't have computer-based roll playing games the geeks were engineers. I didn't fit in that model but I did love dungeons and dragons (but never played as I was too shy). So this quiz result is false but true. Such is my life.

Clicking along here--got another chapter of Out of the Fire polished and posted and I'm feeling accomplished. Beta'd Marcelb's and DE's stories and turned those in. Am reading cathy1967's amazing Harry Potter opus--I think she is channeling J.K. herself. And I am slowly going mad with anxiety over the pending operation.

Oh and whoever recc'ed Res-Q made my day. go over to the crossover ficathon (here's the link Res-Q) and read this thing. It'll make you laugh. They nailed Q and all and bless their hearts. I love omniscient arrogant god-like aliens.


I've been very busy with the new arrival, so haven't spent much time online lately, but you have been in my thoughts and prayers. Just know you're on my mind whether I'm online or not. Hugs, love, and many many good prayers coming your way from my home and my heart. ((((ixchup))))

Will be anxiously awaiting the good news that all went well and you are feeling better than you have in a long long time.

Love you!!