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sg1 poke

another quiz

Take the quiz: "What Kind of Soul Do You Retain?"

You have a very warm and loving aura about your soul and believe in the virtues of Love. To you, there is a bright side to everything! You are the polar opposite of the Dark soul.

I am driving again and freedom feels so good but so exhausting. I have a ways to go healing wise--pinched nerves and vertigo, but every day is better.

I loved the Anne Ranting--she is so MAD in so many ways. I can totally believe that she won't let an editor touch her stuff--it reads like that. I have read her sister's work--the werewolf series and like some of it--but most is very creepy. Remember that Anne Rice is the author who goes after fan fiction writers with lawyers. She is MAD.

Me, I'm just sitting here coping.


She is MAD.

or possessed?