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sg1 poke

Dark Fic--what does this mean?

It is interesting that the thread on Kansas and then spoonishly's live journal has sparked so much debate and emotion. I agree with fbf that it is like debating abortion in that everyone has a set opinion. Yet, the nature of literature and what makes a "correct" story is a valid thing to debate.

I learned a lot from reading the entries, especially on what my gut says is right--that "dark" fic has as much validity as "light" fic in that both take from the Farscape cannon. The issue of hope is moot because as someone says, it is what you bring to reading a fiction that lends the hopefullness. Maybe death of a character is hopeful because they were in such pain.

What I read for is to get that rush of emotion and growth of maturity--a vicarious living with these amazing Farscape characters. I have to admit I tend to shy away from the really morbid--EvilJohn stuff because I like my John tormented but still himself (whatever that means).

I am sorry that some folks are so angry, but because I stopped reading the thread on Kansas I am not sure what they are angry about. I will go over and read and see what is going on.

Yes, there is school tomorrow and life is getting back to normal. Mom is coming home from Italy tomorrow--which is dark fic. Family doesn't seem to want to come together for Rosh Hashanah which has me sad. I am psyched at the story and plots coming together by cathy1967 and kazbaby and am so pleased to be participating in the lively discussions.

Gotta go feed the troups.