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all I've got


snurched from unwritten_words. Girl, we are so similar it is scary.

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Life is quiet but not serene. I feel like something is going to happen or not happen and it has me all twitchy. Cats and I get to go to the doctor today.

I jumped into a political powder keg with glee yesterday. I used to design and maintain my synagogue's web site but a major donor took it from me two years ago. She has been dong a lousy job maintaining the site and I hates the design--it is blah. So, hearing complaints about the site, I wrote TPTB and offered to take it over. I got interesting responses. TPTB don't know squat about computers and they do know that J and I do not get along. J is an arrogant woman who took a couple of classes in Dreamweaver and believes herself an expert. She got a name for her little business and I'm not sure whether she actually does anything but acts like only she knows what's going on. Besides pulling this crap of one-up-manship on me she has a brother who also is a big donor to the synagogue. I hate this political stuff and don't do well at not saying what I think. It made me "great friends" of some folks although my real friends thought my bucking the system was cool. The upshot of fighting city hall was that J wouldn't let me upload a page to the site siting security issues the last time I tried to update something. So, we'll see what happens. They pay for ths work and I want it back.

See, I'm getting feisty and I don't care anymore. I think illness makes goals more clear.