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all I've got

The results are in

Ah, I adore the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest. You know, the guy who wrote "It was a dark and storm night..." which is thought to be one of the worst opening sentences of the worst novel ever written. The results of the 2004 Contest (write on purpose the worst opening sentence in history) are in.

"She resolved to end the love affair with Ramon tonight . . . summarily, like Martha Stewart ripping the sand vein out of a shrimp's tail . . . though the term "love affair" now struck her as a ridiculous euphemism . . . not unlike "sand vein," which is after all an intestine, not a vein . . . and that tarry substance inside certainly isn't sand . . . and that brought her back to Ramon."

Bulwer-Lytton Winner Dave Zobel
Manhattan Beach, CA

Check out the web site: The Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest.


*points to icon*

that is all.