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sg1 poke

Commenting on Comments

What is it about some folks that they have to add politics to everything they think of or write? I recently read a review of PK War in the Seattle Times by Kay McFadden that got me coughing because the reviewer ranted and raged over the mini because it didn't cure cancer or save the whales. Here is KJB doing the same thing--politizing what is basically a hobby and criticizing the SaveFarscape campaign for its methods because they are politically incorrect, in his not-so-humble opinion.

Here's what he says:

Then, the opportunists arose. Those people set up "funds" that somehow made fans believe that they could save their show by opening up their checkbooks and contributing to "the cause." Whether it was by accident or design, some of the organizers behind the movement to bring that series back on the air bilked fans out of money that would have been better spent on the homeless, other charities or even on their own bills.

Granted, there have been internicene fights and disagreements within the movement to save Farscape. It is difficult to carry on a campaign for two years without having disagreements and personality conflicts. But the concepts and amazing creativity of the inner and outer groups working to save the show have been amazing. In order to carry out any creation, it is necessary to raise money. Jeese, we spend thousands of dollars on movies, DVDs, and so forth, so we sent that money to funds that helped bring back a show that we loved and admired. "Bilked fans out of money..." What?????? KJB should get a life.