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sg1 poke

Someone Should Write the History

I'm reading KJB's #3 Screed and wondering if SaveFarscape.com would write the history of the "movement" because it sounds from this guy's POV that SaveFarscape and other groups were dupes of David Kemper, et. al. Violent threats to studio execs? KJB sic'ing the police on fans due to death threats? Money stolen? Amateur ads? This sounds very bizarre and not at all what I've been watching from my perch as a Watcher. I realize that again, Farscape fandom has its weirdos and true non-conformists, but for the whole what I've seen has been a truly intelligent group of folks with loads of talent and professionalism. I think the history of the Movement should be published somewhere to counter this stuff written by "legit" reviewers.

Here's what KJB is accusing SaveFarscape and David Kemper of doing:

Again, the producers of Farscape said no. It was all or nothing and if Sci-Fi didn't give them what they were looking for, Kemper & Co. would set loose the dogs of war or, in this case, the group that became known as SaveFarscape.

Taking a page from the Roddenberry playbook, which is kind of like a football team using a play drawn up by Vince Lombardi, the people behind Farscape lied about the reasons their show was cancelled in an attempt to stage a similar campaign. Farscape's producers made blatant lies to their fans about the numbers involved, such as the cost per episode to produce, the ratings and how much money the series made in advertising revenue in an attempt to incite those fans into action. It worked – the fans got put into such a frenzy that some took things a little too far. Some made physical threats to Sci-Fi Channel executives and executives at other networks. A couple of fans made threats to my family that I had to turn over to the police. As of this writing, at least one person has been brought up on charges. This was clearly not the kind of reaction the producers were looking for.

The fans behind SaveFarscape did a very good job early on getting into the national press, partly because they passed on the same lies they were told by the producer of the series. Rallies were staged in places that would give them some publicity and Sci-Fi offered to sit down with the producers of the series and see if there was any way to come to some kind of agreement that would beneficial to the companies involved and the fans who felt so passionate about their series.

Given the opportunity, the producers of Farscape screwed their fans again: their demands didn't change and the financial reality hadn't changed, either. There was nothing to negotiate – Farscape, as a weekly television series, was dead and the people who had sworn to their fans that they would do anything to save it were the ones holding the knife.

With Sci-Fi now completely out of the picture, the fans were used again to try and put pressure everywhere but where it belonged in an attempt to get the series picked up. Efforts to get other networks interested failed spectacularly as some were even threatened with physical violence if they didn't pick up the show. For their part, Sci-Fi had spent money on the first four years of the series and were hoping to get something back from their investment, refusing to sell off the broadcast rights for those seasons unless they were paid handsomely for them.

Fans were somehow convinced that throwing money at the situation would make everything all right and they contributed thousands of dollars to the SaveFarscape movement. Some of the money that was contributed by the fans were used to produce amateurish looking commercials that the "movement" could somehow only afford to run once or twice, mostly at odd hours of the morning where no one watched. To make matters worse, the ads ran at a time when the series wasn't even on the air so any potential interest the ads might have brought to the series was wasted. Casual viewers who might try and sample the series had nowhere to turn to as Sci-Fi had put the series on hiatus until the new year, hoping that the publicity of the final run of new episodes would give them a spike in the ratings.


This guy is so completely full of shit. I have no idea where this vendetta against us came from, but it's been there since the very beginning. He's got himself the making of a libel suit, here.

As for writing the history of the campaign ... I'm not sure who'd do it.
You're right, of course. I just get my 1960s back up when I read this dren. Someone wrote on FMD some funny response, ala Somebody killed his puppy too many times. NO, NOT THE PUPPY! Laughing at this guy is probably the best antidote.
I know it's infuriating and really, I don't know how he can get away with this crap. Seriously, he makes some pretty amazing accusations, with absolutely nothing to back it up.
What a crock of shit! How insulting! Ugh! Somebody really should sue his ass for libel.
Turns out based on Red's information (and others) that this guy has been trashing Farscape and the efforts to save the show forever. I am hoping that someone will sue him because the libel is just not to be believed. More on the subject is here: Wank I just love the comments. Serves the guy right.
I just got to red's post about it. Still think someone should sue him!