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You are FreeBSD.  You're a speed demon and a great networker.  You have a tendency to give it away for free.  Well-respected, but virtually unknown.
Which OS are You?

FreeBSD--man that is weird. I am soooooo Mac OS X. FreeBSD is underneath Mac OS X so maybe I can just squint and go with this quiz. bexxa, I wanted to be Palm OS. That is so funny. Thank goodness I'm not Windows.
Well, two steps ahead and one step back. I'm having emergency surgery on Monday evening to remove the expanders. It seems my body can't take anything unnatural and is rejecting the implants. So, after I heal from the inflammations and infections I have to start over with a TRAM flap operation. I'll just be happy to be rid of the pain. Still on IV antibiotics but now have an incentive to loose weight. So that is a good thing.

Kansas - Point of Know Return - Dust in the Wind


I've never even *heard* of your operating system. LOL

As for Monday, I'll be sending good thoughts your way. (((you)))
I'm such a geek. But then, I don't understand what you do either. FreeBSD is a type of UNIX from Berkley, CA. Like I said, I wallow in this stuff. Love the quiz. Very silly. Obviously written for guys.