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sg1 poke

Between the Lines

I watched Incubator for the first time last night. What a weird episode. Poor MJohn stuck inbetween wormholes and Aeryn playing with a rubber ball as he waits. Linfer was fascinating--melting and scientific to the point of annoying. What gets me is that the crew of Moya are all stuck in one place--all wanting to get off the ship, yet loya to each other. Then there is Scorpy and his Johnny pooka. He has Birds of Paradise everywhere--in his dreams, on the planet where his mother was captured, in his actual office. The powers that be sure did plant clues everywere. The makeup was ghoulish and the thing with blinding his mother was so gross--what is it with Farscape and eyes and necks.

I seem to be between things too--waiting for jobs to come through with myself and my husband. He had a wonderful series of interviews last night for two jobs. Now it is just wait and see. I am waiting for three jobs to come through. I hate it when there is nothing I can do to make things go faster.

Mom is home from Italy and now I have to jump to her tunes again. D wants me to stop being a whimp, but obligations filial and guilt stand in my way. His mom was in the emergency room most of yesterday with irratic heart beats. We don't know what is going on. Waiting again.