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sg1 poke

She started it!

You scored as Christian. The Good News is...you're a Christian.

You my friend are a non-denominational Christian. You strive to be a better person and are generally concerned about how your actions affect other people; however, you do struggle with disobedience as it may make life uncomfortable for you. Your greatest battle will be against lukewarmedness. Dude, fight the good fight.














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This is too funny. What sanctimonious dren. unwritten_words was so right. First of all, I am Jewish. This person's questions are so silly as to be embarrassing. Is this really what religion has gotten down to in some circles? This simplistic bs? Religion is much much more complicated. It is a way to live in a community peacefully as well as to find the best in yourself.

Thanksgiving is over, thank goodness and the awful "whose family claims us this year" quandary is past. Went up to NYC and spent time with my sister and played in the city with my family. Took my older daughter to the Japanese book store where she bought manga in Japanese. It seems that there are web sites that have the translations to Inu Yasha. Hubby took my younger daughter to the Pokemon store. We are so materialistic. We saw the decorating of the X-mas tree in Rockafeller Center.

My nieces didn't know anything about manga or anime. Orthodox Judaism is just as sheltered as fundamentalist Christianity. We had some "interesting" discussions.

I was *this close* to the Meadowlands con but couldn't go. It looks like it was a blast. Maybe another time.

I fell and pulled a ligament in my right hand. My luck just can't hold. Gotta get better.

Happy belated birthday kazbaby! It sounds like Burbank was a great present. I wish I could have heard you sing. It takes great bravery to stand up and do that. I admire that.

Thank you to everyone who sent me neat stuff from the con. I adore it all. I have a little Browder shrine set up in my office.*g*

What can I say, I'm a lemming. But I really like this result:

mesoamerica is love
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My luck just can't hold.
As Chiana once said: "Are we cursed? We're cursed!" (or something to that effect; I've a bad memory for quotes from any TV show) Perhaps you are cursed?

Take care!


Thanks hon, and actually today is my birthday so it's not belated at all. hehe