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I just spent two days straight bearly sleeping and eating while I read Little Acorns by feldman. I had been avoiding it, I have to admit. I am afraid of Feldman's writing because it can be so strong, powerful, and scary to me. I guess I'm not a very mature reader when it comes down to it. But Thassilia's last post about Little Acorns got me thinking that I was being really silly and having voted for it in the Sparky's because I knew it was special even if I felt I couldn't read it, I decided to go for it.

Never in my three years of reading fanfiction have I read anything like this story. It breaths life and love in all its myriads forms--friendship, love, marriage, children, war, violence, and loyalty to Family and friends. I cried, laughed, shivered, dreamed of this story and couldn't stop reading. I could analyze it for hours--how John and Aeryn's love and marriage are so representative of what we do over the years in a marriage--learn to suss out our partners and be there for them, every part of them good and bad. That love permiates every inch of this story. Every character is so frelling Farscape as well. It is funny, sensual, scary, and wild--and so moving. I want to thank Feldman for writing this thing and for sharing it. I promise, like John, I won't be so afraid to hope and reach out to life. Just keep writing.


It is remarkable, isn't it? I'm so glad you decided to read it and that it moved you:)

Thing is, when you write something, you can tell whether *you* like it or not, but you can never tell if you've been able to communicate the things that were in your head and heart until someone nods or smiles or in some way tells you that they get it, that they can now see what until then (until you started writing) was only in your own head.

What humbles me is when someone takes me aside and tells me, like you have, that they've grokked what I was thinking and what I was feeling about these characters, and that what's more, it resonated outside of the story. It tells me that I didn't just meet the challenge of struggling to the end of my first novel of any sort; but that I made something that tapped into other people's lives and experience, that illustrated something truthful for someone other than myself.

There's satisfaction, joy, and responsibility in that; I'm honored that you decided to trust me enough to read the piece and I'm so very very happy that I didn't disappoint you.