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all I've got

Okay, I give up

I should have known that scaperred and I would match again. That is a compliment, but I should avoid silly quizzes because they depress me.

I am a d6

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I'm struggling at the moment with another infection (tooth this time) and the pain from new physical therapy. Plus, daughter number one--9th grader--is really having a difficult time with social skills and math grades and the school system is very very frustrating to attack so that she can get the help she needs. We changed her ADD meds and hopefully she can get back on track, but she is easily distracted by boys and her lack of friends. Plus, the girls are so bitchy and she is so naive and young. I want her to stay that way, but school is toughening her up in ways that are awful to combat. God, I remember high school and I want her to get through it more safely than I did.

I wrote letters to the school counselor requesting that L stay in the special ADD program whose funding is fading and I requested some sort of math tutor and psychologist help. We'll see what happens.

Meanwhile, I want to find a creative writing class for L because she writes such fine original and fan fiction in the Japanese anime world.



us boring D6's need to stick together!

And hugs to you and the kiddo. It's spring, too, the season in which adolescent sense and sensibility simply flies out the first open window. Particularly when the hormones are in bloom.

Keep fighting! And remember your rights.