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sg1 poke

Snippet 4 and I'm on a roll

Have a lovely Easter to all who celebrate. Here is Snippet 4.

The first glass of gak made his gorge rise simply from its consistency. He just could not get his mouth to open until two of the Oliphant wanna-bes caught him by the shoulders and plugged his nose forcing him to open his mouth or be asphyxiated. He fell back into the primordial ooze as the molten sludge hit his stomach. He could feel his bones melting and his guts rise up to his throat but his sudden enervation did not allow him to move. So he swallowed the bile and closed his eyes as he floated. He was lost in a dream of Aeryn and the baby. He felt her kiss his graying grizzled brows and run her fingers over each wrinkle surrounding his dimming eyes. The cataracts were bothering him that day and he could barely see his son and daughter-in-law as they bent over his face where he sat . He raised his crooked crippled fingers to stroke her hand. The arthritis was also sending sharp pains through is knees and shoulder and he shuddered and tried not to groan as he brought her hand down to his lips. Aeryn and his children smiled at his efforts. He closed his eyes and the world whirled away.

The next cup of slop came as a complete surprise because he found he did not even have the strength to refuse the straw that was forced between his clamped lips. Someone pressed on his chest and another squeezed his cheeks causing most of the dren to flow sloppily down his throat into his gullet where it played havoc with his stomach. He heaved but hadn’t the strength to bring it back up. They released his head and as it fell back into the pottage he grinned thinking he was like that stone in the soup. But nobody brought the spoon. Aeryn was back again with her grandchildren and he couldn’t see them anymore but heard their glad cries as they crowded around his bed. He tried to reply, but the words wouldn’t come from his frozen lips. He smiled at his beautiful bride. Had they really been together for forty years? It seemed like only yesterday he was watching her comb out her long black hair as he admired her white shoulders and lean torso with its healing wounds from the Scarren gynecological examinate table of horrors.

He couldn’t remember the third or fourth glass of shit-on-a-shingle, but his body did. He ached from tip to toe. His eyeballs hurt and his spine creaked and broke as he struggled sluggishly to find a comfortable position. The orcs were basting him with the marinade again and he hoped that the George Forman treatment would be over soon so he could get back home to Moya. Moya, home. They seemed so distant when all he could really remember now were glimpses of Mom with her wild-ass trips to the palm reader where he would tag along because what else could a 10-year old do? Mom, sitting waiting for word about Dad who was off doing astronaut things again and scaring the dren out of the rest of them. Chasing Livvie around the living room while Six Million Dollar Man played in the background. He could be re-built…stronger, faster, better. Susan said that Lee Majors was bitch’n but John really liked Jamie Sommers better. He preferred blonds even at the advanced age of 13. Livvie didn’t have an opinion but just tagged along and teased him unmercifully about his crush. Hawkeye better hurry up with that surgery because he was due back to the front and he knew that that sexy major nurse Hot Lips Houlihan would be there to treat him right if he just was nice to that stupid boyfriend of hers. What was his name? Oh yeah, Frank Burns played by that ass Larry Linville— dead now. So was Harry Morgan and David Ogden Stiers was doing Disney. And Mom just sat and flipped the cards seeking answers where no one could predict safety.

John gagged at the stench of the vomitous mud as it oozed over his face. He tried to shake the shit out of his eyes but hadn’t the strength to raise his arms from his sides where they seemed as if they were frozen like an insect in amber—yeah, insects in amber. Alex loved amber jewelry and he could just afford the price of that necklace that she said she loved but gave back to him the day they separated. He still had it somewhere. He should give it to Aeryn.

The fifth cup had to be given intravenously through a hastily cut hole in his stomach. He didn’t feel anything but Chiana almost gagged at the site of the Koteshi performing the surgical incision without anesthetics or sanitation. His blood ran down his belly and mingled with the mud turning it a putrid yellowish bronze. This was getting out of control. She grabbed the Leader and shook him but he calmly and firmly loosened her hands from his shoulders. “Stop this dren now! You are killing him!” she cried and slammed her fist into his stomach. But the Leader just smiled showing blackened fangs and gave no reaction to her violent and ultimately futile assault.

“What was started must be finished. He must die to be reborn young again. You were informed and you agreed to the rites. Be calm. All will be well for your Sebecean companion.”

Chiana swallowed and tried again. This time she would use other wiles. She sidled up to the slimy-skinned alien and rubbed her cheek against his ear-flaps. “I’ll give you whatever you want if you release my friend. He-he’s not Sebecean. Take take me and let him live, please.”

The Koteshi looked Chiana up and then down and then ran his prehensile tongue completely around her face; reaching her in spite of her rapid withdrawal. “You body-breeders do not interest me. We were just looking for the opportunity of trying our youth rite on non-Koteshi. You were an opportune pair. Now, go away or my acolytes will forcefully withdraw you from the poolside. I will inform you of when you can come and take him.”

Chiana crouched down, imprisoned by her loyalty to her friend as well as by the strong arms of the two Koteshi who held her tightly. Twelve arns and John Crichton lay comatose in the mire.

He dreamed of Aeryn and home and his thoughts flew through his life. DK and dates, drunken parties with astronaut groupies mingled with long nights of computations, pizza, and coffee. His red T-bird glistened in the light of Kanvia’s nightclub scene as he stuck a lobster on his head and swore that he was his twin. Toasters and John Bobbit flashed by and he still hated that shocking pink coat and pants. He had a child out there he would never see and still Aeryn grasped his face in her hands comforting him and stilling his fears. He played football and called the winning touch down as Livvie flew into his arms—or was that Chiana the day he came back with that bastard Crais? He couldn’t tell anymore but his head hurt like a bastard and he couldn’t feel his limbs and his stomach seemed to be playing its own bossanova while Lucy ran her fingers over his lips with her own type of oils. He saw red roses everywhere and red apples and Alex who melted into Aeryn. Always Aeryn. He ran his thumbs over her cheeks wiping away her tears and hugged her to him because he thought he had lost her forever. And his eyes had no sight now and he was going to the light but leaving his Snow White and he cried.


Poor Chi. All she wanted to do was help her friend from his worry about being old while Aer would still be in her prime. So, Crichton has some interesting dreams about old TV shows and dead actors. But Aeryn is still his one constant. Okay, I need more of this, so hurry up!
PS: I really suck at feedback, but you already knew that, didn't ya?
Oh. My. Frelling. God.

Boy, John had better pull through or these people (and Chi) are gonna be in some deep shit. Man, you just go for the jugular don'cha girl? Ouch. This was so visceral, I could feel my own guts twisting with reaction. I hope you finish this soon, I can't take the suspense.