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sg1 poke

This is just too funny

Snurched with glee from twitchie.

Mr. Incredible
Which Incredibles Character Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

Me, Mr. Incredible? I thought I would be Violet with her hair over her face hiding her intelligence. I don't feel incredible, but then he was a depressive as well.


Life in the suburbs. I can't find work at the moment. My only client wants to use Contribute and do their own updating. I am very frustrated. And it is very sobering to read sites like Guru.com where potential clients want a 7 to 10 page gee-whiz web site for $250 to $500 and they get bids. I have found that it takes hours to get a site up and running--folks grossly undervalue the work it takes. Those tiny sites aren't worth bidding on. No wonder so much of the web looks like dren.

I am very frustrated also with the conversations on Kansas. The incivility is appalling and I think the general age of the users is dropping. I'm thinking of bailing. What got me thinking of this was a comparison of the Lechna thread on Kansas vs. Agent_Rouka's discussion on the lj. I love discourse and thinking about things. I love reading other people's ideas because sometimes they are so 180 degrees from my own. I live with an extreme Republican who challenges my ideas constantly. I eat that up. Kansas conversations rapidly fall apart and get personal or silly. I'm about done with that.

Cathy1967 is trying valiantly to build a bulletin board with a different culture--multi-fandom with light moderation. If she builds it, will they come? I've been helping her and there is a slow sign-up rate. There has to be a critical number of people to have good conversations. Anyone curious, go to Cathy's Basement Forum

Passover is rapidly approaching and mom is again giving me fits regarding her role vs. mine. I'm having it at my house and want to do this dinner myself--to regain a small piece of my old life back. I think I have convinced her not to feel sorry for herself since she isn't cooking and getting the kudos. I am really down in the dumps.



You know, sometimes it's incredible and heroic to get through one day at a time, and to have the faith and the patience to wait for the wheel to turn.

Better days will come.
((((((Ix))))) You know I have no surprise at the idea that you're Mr. Incredible. You do persevere through adversity and continue on no matter the cost. That, to me, is pretty darned incredible.

I think that people have a hard time estimating the real cost of almost anything. We're looking at things for our home and realize that we had no clue. Not until we started researching. And so many people these days don't bother researching. They see a website and think that theirs should be that spectacular. They have no clue that someone with a LOT of talent and energy put ALL of their time for weeks (and probably months) and deserves to be paid for it.

Funny that people so undervalue others and their work, yet when it comes to their own, they feel they should be paid more than going rate.

Passover - Good on ya for hosting any family holiday at your house. The stress of that alone is enough to depress even the most exuberantly happy person. Any holiday is stressful. Throw family in there and they most usually deserve some sort of intoxicant/drug to help! LOL! I'll be praying for you. And I'm here if you need anything.

I've just registered at Cathy's forum. *hugs* Let me know if there's anything I can do to help out over there. I've got it in my links now. Post later. Promise!

Have a better day hon!!! Relax and feel the love from all of those wishing you good vibes. You are very very loved!!! *hugs*
Hi fellow DC area scaper! Your comment about people low-balling site design costs made me think that you might find DCWebWomen a useful resource: http://www.dcwebwomen.org/ (Although you might already be a member or know of it.) The regular mailing list has all sorts of seminar announcments, resources, job postings, discussions, etc all relating to the tech/web field http://www.dcwebwomen.org/join/subscribe.html cheers! ;-)
Ah, a fellow inside the beltway person! Thanks for the lead. I did know of them but never joined. Thanks for the link.

By the way, I love your mood icons. really cool connections.
The DCWW list can run hot and cold on usefulness, but I guess that's the nature of the beast. I should say that I found my current job on it, so I'm a bit biased. *g*

By the way, I love your mood icons. really cool connections.
Thank you! It's a bit quirky as I tried to not use the expected pics, but I think it works.