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sg1 poke

yeah! I finally conquered this thing

Thanks to pdxscaper and scorpy808's fantabulous instructions and my own stubbornness, I finally managed to add my own masthead to my live journal. I want to enlarge the masthead across the page, but I finally made it work. I've been struggling with this and thinking myself really stupid, but voila.

Spent the day solving client problems and updating a web site. Now I have to clean house for Passover. I'm down to 10 people, so the dinner is very easy. Roast leg of lamb, asparagus with hollandaise (dietetic recipe), potato kugel, chicken soup with matzo balls, and gefilte fish.


Congratulations on successfully getting your pretty banner up. Mm...AHR John. :D
Yeah header! Definitely not an intuitive process, but much satisfaction once solved.