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sg1 poke

Miscellaneous Babbling

Well, I'm jumping on the band wagon because the results are too funny. Snurched from Kazbaby for the fun of it.

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Favourite type of cheese
Type of fandomHistorical drama, with robots
The ruggedly handsome Mary-Sue magnetdanceswithwords
The universally hated, yet undeserving, female leadscaperred
The pretty bishounen with freaky hairkixxa
... who keeps getting slashed with...twichie
The chronically misunderstood villain with rubbish dress sensethassalia
The irritating ninja-thief furry character whom nobody likesveritykindle
The one who keeps getting Mpregged for some bizarre reasonjohn_crichton
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I saw the 10 wonderful images of Ben Browder as Cameron Mitchell in Stargate and it has me twitching. He is handsome and "hot" as ever but that image of Merlin is rather cheesy. It scares me that Stargate is going to invade The Matter of Britain because the mythology is so deep. It deals not only with the protection of civilization from the forces of barbarism, but also the death of pagan beliefs and the conquering of Britain to orthodoxy.

So there is Ben Browder/Cameron Mitchell pulling the sword out of the stone. Does he become King Arthur? I read a very interesting thread on Gateworld that lays out the mythology of King Arthur Stargate Style Re: Arthurian Legend and Season 9and I can sort of see Merlin as an Ancient or Ascended Being except that he was supposed to have lived about 500 AD which is waaaay too late. Stargate takes its mythology from all over the place and mixes metaphors terribly. So, I'll wait and see whether I cringe or just sit back and ignore the silliness.

I'm working up a Power Point presentation and outline to teach my first adult ed course. The course is for The Writer's Center in Bethesda, MD and is titled Marketing Your Writing on the Internet. The class is on Sunday and I"m overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I want to cram into 4 hours. I am very nervous about this. I have 11 students signed up. All you teachers out there, how do I do this?


merlin's hat cracked me up. good luck with the course planning/presentation.

and oh yes, stilton is the best cheese. i flew back from london in 1970 with an entire wheel of it under the plane seat. after about an hour people starting commenting on the smell. hee! i did *not* fess up. *veg*
that is really too funny about the cheese because my parents did the same thing in 1967 only their's was on top of too many bottles of wine. The Custom's guy took one wiff of the bag they had the cheese in and passed them on through.

I love stilton cheese with water crackers.

Yup, Merlin looks like Monty Python territory.
*very* monty python. but i have hope that the actors can pull this off.

a good stilton can distract someone from just about anything. hee!
The one who keeps getting Mpregged for some bizarre reason john_crichton

BWAHAHAHAHA! They must read fanfic. ;)
LOL! or should that be wah! sniff! no one likes me! :)

And yes, lol! Mpregged john_crichton...

Trader Joe's recently carried Stilton with cranberries. mmmmm

Good luck with your writing class! It will be great!