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sg1 poke

Another Quiz another day

Interesting quiz about world view is totally Christian in its questionning but the results came out pretty close to how I see myself. I guess my Anthropologist is showing.

You scored as Postmodernist. Postmodernism is the belief in complete open interpretation. You see the universe as a collection of information with varying ways of putting it together. There is no absolute truth for you; even the most hardened facts are open to interpretation. Meaning relies on context and even the language you use to describe things should be subject to analysis.






Cultural Creative












What is Your World View? (corrected...hopefully)
created with QuizFarm.com

I'm sitting here scratching my head at the way broadcasters and producers and the public via the Internet are in total disjunction. I read with interest the blogs posted by Suelac regarding the fight to shut down bit torrents that allow downloading of tv episodes. I totally agree that in today's savvy public arena downloads are going to happen so either the producers and broadcasters figure out another business model or or we all loose out via the draconian all or nothing methodology. I think the Internet will prevail and smart entrepreneurs, such as Apple was with iTunes, will figure out a way to sell access to tv legally.

I'm going for a strange brain test today where they attach electrodes to my face and measure my vertigo via rapid eye movements. The world is always spinning.

I'm also very sad at how the mods on Kansas are stomping down on independence. It used to be a great place to hang out but now I am constantly looking over my shoulder to ensure I don't break a rule. The new one is that you can't post story chapters daily because it will SCARE the other writers. Who'd a thunk it? I'm contemplating finding greener pastures. I'm tired of the rules that seem rather arbitrary.

I got a new client yesterday and will start building her web site after educating the poor woman about the differences between ISP (Cable connection to internet) and host. She was all befuddled and scared. Hand holding seems to be 90% of this job. I don't mind, but it amuses me.


Hope your test turns out well.

Wishing you luck re the new client and finding an online place that's comfy.

Also not allowed to post more than one story a day.
Cool. The no more than one story/day bit just came about a couple weeks ago, when that new person summer sun post a few short stories. Then up came the new rule.

I was kind of surprised at that one since me and someone else would occasionally have 'drabble-offs' when the board had no new stuff for a while. *snicker* It was a lot of fun and was amazed at some of the ideas we'd get. A few leading into large fics for me. It's been a long time since we did that though since RL took him away from being on the board regularly.

Ooofta. What an entry! I took the quiz. We're pretty much opposites on a lot of things. LOL! What a surprise! But hey, we're still soulmates. I'm trying to get the house together for the asbestos guy and the furniture guy. I came out 50% fundamentalist followed by 38% cultural creative. After that it went downhill. ;)

Please tell me you're kidding about Kansas. Please? I hadn't been there much but had been hoping to post the new stuff I'm working on there. *sigh* Can you post huge long lengthy things all at once?? And why all the rules? I mean even newbies (I would think since I was a newbie not all THAT long ago) must be aware that there are 'writers' who write lengthy things. I'm confused by the rules (unwritten even?) about how to post and stuff. That's even scarier for a new writer if you ask me. From what I hear, the fic seems to be taking a turn as well. Is that true?

Well, I have been trying to get to Cathy's forum every day. At least that's a light in the darkness. (Untried blank pages....*sigh* A beautiful thing.) Even posted some ideas for boosting traffic. :)

Prayers and hugs going up on the brain test. I hope you send me the results!!! I'm sure it will come out that you're super duper brilliant and just far beyond the rest of us.


Love you!!!!

Cretkid...I'm with ya. BALDERDASH! (Great icon btw!)
Hmmm. Okie. I can understand some of it. (Not all of it. But some of it.)

But I do have two questions.

1) If I post it will you read it??

2) You mentioned the good or bad fic when asking me to post...so which do you think mine is?? Hmm? *raises eyebrow and prepares to jot off horribly badfic! just to have something to post...



Whee I've missed you guys!!!!

Cret, thanks for your responses. I think what happened with PKLibrarian is that she was doing her job but I just don't like the results. I got ambitious and wrote a certain amount every day on my story. Then, getting impatient and excited I would post a part daily (and maybe more often but not swarming). I had no idea that this was forbidden. And I have to continue to be really perplexed about why the rule still stands.

You are correct that epic stories aren't being posted on Kansas. I think the growth of personal web sites and blogs has diversified where stories are posted. I like the people on Kansas and I too search out certain stories--Twich I'm still waiting for King Arthur... and I'm really beginning to hang out at ljs to read. So, Thanks for responding and your senstivity to my complaint.
I have to admit that from the beginning, I didn't want fic at Kansas and I basically took a hands-off approach from the start. I don't read much FS fic, and I don't find a message board an appropriate place for the amount of fic (of varying quality) that shows up there. As far as the rules go, I wanted stuff to be rated and people not to plagiarize. Beyond that, I haven't done much about what goes on there. I believe some of those rules were meant to keep some people from flooding the front page. Beyond that, I'm at a loss. Part of being oblivious to the outside world.

Cret is right. I'm working on a more traditional fic archive for ScapeRoute. BN isn't doing the support thing these days, and I'm not inclined to run a message board of that size without some backend help. I have no access to the server, so anything that goes wrong with the messageboard software or the connection is beyond my lane.

I guess you should just wait a bit and keep an eye on things because change is most likely on the horizon.
i hope hte test goes well, and that the world stops spinning. er, that didn't come out quite how i meant it to. so...trying again: i hope the dizziness goes away asap. :)