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sg1 poke

I'm Okay Jack

Well, the ENG went okay-- the audiologist ran the tests and found the vertigo along with other rapid eye movements that she couldn't explain. I want to chalk that test up to "Never Do This Again" Imagine electrodes placed on your face and then on purpose by following colored lights and being moved into fun positions like upside down you are on-purpose provoked into having the sick spinning occur. Then, imagine having warm water pumped into your ears so that you on purpose become dizzy to trace the vendibular tubes in your ears. Fun--NOT.

I am exhausted and nauseated, but kinda relieved that 1. I was not dreaming up the vertigo and 2. it is treatable.

Then, fun time today--went to eye doctor to complain about glasses and found out that the $700 transitionals I had purchased are so-called Room glasses made for reading computer screen and not for distance driving. I needed to spend and additiional $300 for a pair of driving glasses with my near-sighted prescription in them. Ah, I hate getting old.

And now for something completely different...

Twitchie tagged me along with the rest of the world. The fandom meme:

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Snurched from Beckalicious...
Total number of fandoms I like:

1) Farscape. Second fandom ever actively involved with. I'm still very interested in it--hasn't grown old yet.

2) Quantum Leap. I'm a quiet lover and not a member of a fandom although I have read fan fiction.

3) Star Trek. First ever fandom I was involved in. Went all out with it then got disillusioned. Still like Next Generation.

4). Man From Uncle. First mad crush on an actor--David MacCallum.

5) Blind Justice. Becoming very enamored and just learned it was cancelled by ABC after not even 11 episodes.

6.) Firefly. Geek love again very quiet and not really involved in fandom but I do read fan fiction, respond on BB and am madly awaiting the movie.


The test sounds absolutely awful! (((ix))) And bummer news about the glasses.

What a day, huh?
Tag!!! Hehee!!

I'm glad the tests are over and I hope you never have to do that ever ever again. And hey, it gave you something to write about. :)

I'm sorry about the vertigo though. Hopefully treatment is easier than testing. *hugs*

Not into LOST yet?? Hmmm...
yikes, that sounds horrid. hope you're feeling better and getting some rest. and that the treatment they prescribe works very well indeed. as a very nearsighted person i can identify with the ack of discovering how much the new glasses will cost. meep.

ps. yeah for farscape! *bg*