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sg1 poke

Yes, I understand Han...

scaperred finds the best quizzes. I agree 100% about her fangirl squees regarding Han. He always was my favorite too. And I married his opposite, but a girl can dream. Of course he would hate suburbia, so it is just as well.

Your Star Wars Pickup Line

"You will go home with me. It is unavoidable. IT IS YOUR DESTINY!!"


I'm back in the collar again. Vertigo won't go away.

I am really psyched about the chance to help LAScaper and co. with the Ben Browder Guide. I chatted with her last night. Scapers are really nice folks. It seems whenever I meet one in the flesh it is as if I've known them forever. This project is exciting and I hope it all works out.

I started with my new client today. Why do folks ask my opinion. I give it. They ask others. They give it. And then they do exactly what I asked not to do. My client purchased a domain when I told her that the host offers one for free. Now I have to take the time to transfer the domain to the new host. Grrrr. And the contract is fixed fee. I just have to learn.

Here's Scaperred's other quiz. I'm not sure what it means but I could see where the questions were leading.

Your Extroversion Profile:

Friendliness: Very High
Activity Level: High
Assertiveness: Medium
Cheerfulness: Medium
Sociability: Low
Excitement Seeking: Very Low

Happy Saturday. I'm seeing Revenge of the Sith tomorrow. I'm told it is really good but the previews are even better.


sorry about the vertigo. *hugs*

and hey, that looks like a fun quiz.

*dashes off to take quiz*
*sigh* Han Solo. I LOVED Han when I was a kid. Heck..I still get a little loopy when I watch the originals. The man is SO thudworthy!!!

Here's what mine said btw:

Your Star Wars Pickup Line

"Hey! Did you just grab my ass from across the room with your Force Grip?"

And on the new client? People are people are people. (Profound eh? LOL!)