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sg1 poke

Oh a word vixen am I?

Anhayla and Scaperred strike again. I could have sworn I got all of them correct. Well, I'm in good company with Scaper.

Vocabulary Vixen!
Congratulations! You got 15 correct answers!

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Well the good news is I finished setting up the blog and forum for Ben Browder Guide and the bad news is I have to have another lumectomy to remove and biopsy 3 more tumors on the site of the original tumor. I am so bummed. It is funny how I haven't really reacted to the entire year and a half cancer diagnosis and treatment as emotionally as I am reacting to this small set back (doctors think that the tumors are benign). I think it is as my therapist says--a switch point. I am reacting strongly to this because all I have as a memory to fall back on is the original operation and it didn't turn out good. Now here I go again. I'll get through this, but I am scared and angry. I thought it was all finished and all I had to do was get myself up and going again. It turns out that every time something weird is found that doctors are going to err on the side of caution. This means lots of test s and possibly more surgery. I am just so tired of all this.

My mother is going bonkers and not dealing with the news even as well as I am (if that is possible). Hubby is a rock and is supporting me by basically being there and listening when I loose it and think cancer thoughts (glass half empty and all that). He just keeps saying we'll get through this. And we will.

I won't natter on. It is a very very boring day. House cleaning (didn't get very far), computer work, and nothing much else. Hopefully we'll go somewhere tomorrow.


always glad to be in company with YOU, Ix!

(((ix))) you will get through this, and thank god for your hubby.
Ditto Scaperred. *hugs* and prayers flying to God's ears right now for you my friend.
(((ix))) Sending good vibes your way.
Sending positive thoughts and vibes in your direction.
Thank you to everyone for your good wishes. I'm sorry to be such a downer these days. All the possitive vibes feel wonderful. I'm basking in them just now.
sending you *hugs* and good wishes. the endurance of human spirit is a powerful thing indeed, and i think you have so much of that.

i wish i had better words, and a magic wand. *more hugs*
Thanks for your kind words. They mean a lot to me. I'm gaining more perspective and feeling more hopeful.
{{{more hugs}}} hope is such a vital part of each day. and easier to hold onto when you're not doing it alone.

ps. yeah for your stark icon, that's very fine.