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sg1 poke

Another snippet anyone?

This snippet explains how D'Argo and Chiana found Kouri and a discussion begins on how to fix John's problem.

D'Argo shook his tankas in annoyance at his and Chiana's forgetfulness. How could they have been so fekkik as to not look out for John's presence before walking down to the beach. He snorted at Chiana as they walked rapidly up the sandy shoreline, kicking sand and sealife out of their way in equal frustration. Chiana grabbed D'Argo's arm and managed to pull him around to face her at the final bend before reaching the cottage. They had taken the beach path in order to approach the cottage from the front and not surprise the trigger-happy ex-peacekeeper.

"Listen, D'Argo. Don't go all guilty fek-faced on me, ok. Aeryn doesn't need to know what happened on the beach. We'll make it up to John somehow, ok?"

"Chiana, we almost killed John out there. He's going to tell Aeryn what happened. Don't you think it is more honorable to admit our mistake before Aeryn figures it out?"

"She doesn't need more dren right now. She's been dealing with John's problem by herself for over a cycle. And John doesn't need to be hurt any more by knowing that it was us that caused his most recent accident."

D'Argo nodded absent-mindedly to Chiana and shook her hand off his arm as he raised it to hail Aeryn as she walked towards them from the cottage on the highland above their place on the beach.

Aeryn looked out over the beach front to ensure that John was nowhere in sight before she walked rapidly down the path to greet the Luxan and Nebari. Zhaan followed more slowly behind her. The four friends stood staring at each other before Zhaan broke the silence by grasping Aeryn by the shoulders and drawing her in for a hug.

"We missed you, child. How have you been? We heard that John had not recovered and we have been trying to locate this planet ever since you left. Is there any change?" D'Argo and Chiana moved closer and gently touched Aeryn's shoulders in greeting, their faces attentive to her reply.

Aeryn pushed herself away from the Delvian's arms and stood up tall, straightening her leather vest and adjusting her gun belt while collecting her thoughts. "Yes, John seems more like the infuriating, curious, innocent, savage alien that I met so many cycles ago on Moya. Yet, there is a sadness and wariness to him that I cannot seem to break through. He is still terrified of Scorpius even after this death. I find him sometimes writing furiously deep into the night when he thinks I'm not looking. And, no there is no change to his loss of his senses around other beings."

D'Argo cleared his throat and looked down at his feet. "Aeryn, we caused an incident back up the beach a short while ago. We didn't realize that John would be so far away from the cottage and surprised him while he was fishing. Upon sensing our presence, he lost his senses and almost drowned in the surf. I feel terrible. I, of course, dragged him out of there and Chiana helped revive him. But there was no way to even let him know we were there. There has to be something we can do. He can't go on like this. He must be totally frelled."

Chiana cursed D'Argo under her breath and punched him on the chest. "I told you not to tell her."

Aeryn looked at Chiana and D'Argo and frowned at the news of John's newest episode. She then nodded brusquely to the duo acknowledging the news and anxiously looked down the beach. She hushed D'Argo and pushed him towards the house as she spied John trudging slowly up the beach. His head was bent and he dejectedly kicked the sand as he slouched towards the house. She hoped that the frelling chip did not sense the visitors before they could leave the sensor boundaries. John did not need two episodes in one day.

John pushed open the cottage door and with his hand still on the door jam, froze as gus eyes went from wide in shock to blank. "Shi..." and his world went dark and silent once again.


Very good girl. Just remember, Chiana and D'Argo don't have the close relationship with Aeryn as in the series. She had only been with them a couple of months when she and John decided to leave for Kouri.

I really liked this part.
Kaz, you are absolutely right--I'll have to edit this sucker to make Aeryn more of an acquaintance and John their focus of attention.

Whitelight, I am so flattered that you read my snippet. Thank you for your support. It means a lot coming from you. This whole thing will be an adventure of Moya's crew as well as other nefarious bad guys that Kaz and I have been working on.