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sg1 poke

Belated Birthday Wishes!

Happy birthday kixxa! Since it is tomorrow where you are and today where I am I have no excuse for missing your Birthday, but there you go. Hope it was fun-filled and rewarding, just as you are.

Happy Birthday, thassalia! May your day be filled with wonders and growth. Thanks for sharing your irrepressible mind.

Please send prayers and thoughts to Can who is back in the cancer scare world again. I know that feeling and share her pain and fears. May the news be good this time, hun.

twichie, I still gots my fingers and toes crossed about your proposal.


sending you and your friend good thoughts. i hope there's good news, take care. *hugs*
Praying for you and fam too. *hugs*

I applied for another job here too. It's a Christian writer (telecommuting)working for a company just outside Houston. ;) We'll see what they say...I submitted a resume last week.

Miss you. It seems like it's been a long time since...anything. Ya know?
Thank you for the birthday wishes, hon. And I'm always just so amazed at how well you cope. Good thoughts for you, and Can too.
Thank you so much for the birthday wishes dear:)